Ecology of Soil Microorganisms


Start Time:27 Apr 2011

End Time:01 May 2011

Where:Conference centre of the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Institute of Microbiology, Prague, Czechia

The conference will be held in April 2011 at conference centre of the Institute of Molecular Genetics, Prague, Czech Republic. Topics will be :
1) Microbial Activity and Biogeochemistry
2) Decomposition of Soil Organic Matter
3) Enzymes in the Soil Environment
4) Microbial Communities in Agricultural and Forest Soils
5) Ecology of Soil Decomposer Fungi
6) The role of Mycorrhizae in the Soil Microbial Community
7) Interaction of Microorganisms with Other Soil Biota
8) Microbes in Soils under Human Impact
9) Microbial Biodegradation Processes

Petr Baldrian, Institute of Microbiology, Prague, Czechia.