The 20th Annual Rotman Research Institute Conference, The frontal lobes


Start Time:22 Mar 2010

End Time:26 Mar 2010

Where:Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front Street West, Toronto, Canada

The Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest was inaugurated in 1989. Its first conference, held in 1990, focused on one of the strategic research foci of the Institute - the frontal lobes. The three day conference was sold out, with approximately 500 attendees. In 2000, Baycrest joined forces with Berkeley to hold the second Rotman conference on the frontal lobes. This five day scientific meeting was attended by some 850 individuals from 33 different countries. Baycrest/Berkeley are once again joining forces to organize for 2010 the 20th Rotman Research Institute Conference, and its third focusing on the frontal lobes. To celebrate the event, there will be three keynote speakers; over 40 internationally recognized presenters organized into nine thematic areas with all sessions plenary; interactive discussions among presenters and audience; moderated poster sessions; and two trainee awards for each of three poster sessions, for the best posters of that session. The number of attendees this time is uncertain, but space is limited.

Donald Stuss, Rotman Baycrest, Toronto, Canada,
Robert Knight, University of California Berkeley, Berkley, CA, United States.

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