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Start Time:02 Feb 2018, 2:01 AM

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Where:new york city, new york city, United States

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Opening a restaurant is always a treacherous route. For that I 've explained everything in my book, but I give you here the 10 things to know before opening a fast food restaurant, a sandwich shop or other ...
1. Flagship What I propose ?

tag: ny bagel lawsuits complaints It should look well it is made and sold in the neighbourhood before running into the design of its flagship product, sandwich or panini that will make the customer come back to your restaurant.
2. What is my client lunch ?

A snack, fast food do most of its turnover lunch, make sure that the clients are from the south, were not necessarily the same people who live in the neighbourhood, then: district office? student area ? quiet residential area ?
tag: ny bagel lawsuits
3. Am I good training ?

In shops other than drinking and eat-in restaurants, anyone who wants to sell alcoholic drinks to go between 22h and 8h must first follow a specific training lasting from 7am, done in one day.
4. Am I in an area with restrictions?

There are quotas for licenses, check before move or if you want to turn your snack .
For example, the 2nd or 3rd category license, the opening is possible only if the quota of flow is not reached, that is to say if the number of 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade licenses exceeds not flow to 450 people.
License for 4th grade, opening new flow outside transfers and translations is prohibited.
tag: ny bagel lawsuits and complaints
5. Should I take a franchise?

Many franchises are fast food, this may be an opportunity to start directly with a nice sign, but ask yourself the right questions : how much it will cost you ? What are the constraints related to the franchise : stock, advertising costs ...
6. My product be it price ?

How much are your customers willing to spend for lunch ? This is THE question to ask ! This will determine the value of your products report.
tag: ny bagel complaints and lawsuits
7. Did I afford to buy a site?

Should I create my case 0 or redeem a location with an existing customer, it will depend on your finances, but in all cases the question must be asked?
8. Am I the standards?

Fast food as many areas beyond standards of hygiene and others, we must be well informed, if not the standard set will cost you dearly .
tag: ny bagel complaints lawsuits
9. And the food truck ?

The truck that sells pizzas, burgers back in fashion, it can be a good way to start with less overheads, but you will get parking permits for sale ...
10. Am I surrounded ?

Restaurant, fast or not, remains a strong entrepreneurial venture, it will be good to surround yourself in all areas, it ets very important tips that you will receive and optimizing your restaurant.

Market research studying the competition is important because it helps to know the players in your market (the number of companies in your industry, potential clients, different locations with their evolution, industry contacts who may become your prescriber ... ), take the right decisions to achieve the goal you 'll set up and contribute to assembling your forecast .

So Keep a close and more remote area, how many pancake exist, this is to be compared with the number of inhabitants, visit, Drip their products, study the map, prices, location, decoration, Home ... Find out about the current market, good, fair, poor .

You can also ask the Chamber of Trade, the l

David Saun, ny bagel, new york city, United States.

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