What is a Frontiers Research Topic, and why should I participate in one?

Frontiers was built by scientists, and a Research Topic allows researchers themselves to drive scholarly communication in their own fields

Successful researchers rely now more than ever on meaningful exchange with colleagues, on vibrant discussions of their own work, and on keeping up to date with progress in their research fields. Frontiers created Research Topics to allow multiple researchers to engage each other as authors, editors, and peer reviewers of related work, in a constructive and impactful way. A Frontiers Research Topic gives scientists the opportunity to represent different perspectives, methods, and results in an emerging or evolving area – all in a forum moderated by the specialists in the field, and published in a full open-access journal.

A Frontiers Research Topic can range from a highly focused collection in a niche area to broad coverage of a fast-moving field of research. They are a definitive snapshot of a field – a curated collection of linked articles that will serve as a standard reference for researchers and students for the next decade.

http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=60650303Frontiers was built by researchers, and a Research Topic allows researchers themselves to drive scholarly communication in their own fields, while assuring quality through rigourous,interactive Frontiers peer review. Topic Editors in Frontiers have come from all career stages, and hosting a topic can bring together collaborators from postdoctoral levels to Professors Emeritus. They can include researchers from outside the academy as well.

A Frontiers Research Topic is a fantastic opportunity to intensify collaborations, promote an emerging research area to colleagues and funders, and to link researchers together to make the most of their research ouputs.

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