1st International Congress on Personalized Health Care: Call for Abstracts

As Hippocrates used to say, “it is more important to know what sort of person has a disease, than to know what sort of disease a person has.” More that 2000 years later our growing understanding of genetics and genomics – and how they drive health, disease and drug responses in each person – has provided experimental evidence supporting what the father of western Medicine had already understood, opening the doors to the Personalized Medicine era.

The 1st International Congress on Personalized Health Care organized in Montreal from June 12 to 14 will gather together physicians, scientists, academics, managers, regulators, economists, patient representatives, ethicists and experts from pharmaceutical companies in order to share their different standpoints on the development of personalized medicine.

Abstract submission will be open until March 31. For more information visit the page: http://www.icphc.org/Call-for-Abstract.html

We are pleased to announce that Prof Michel Goldman, the Field Chief Editor of Frontiers in Medicine, will be one of the key note speakers of the conference with a talk on “Public-Private Partnership and Interdisciplinarity as Pillars of Patient-Centric Innovations”

“As we enter the new era of precision medicine, researchers and healthcare professionals need to become more comfortable working in interdisciplinary teams including non-academics.” – Prof Goldman

A new section completely dedicated to Precision Medicine is also coming soon in Frontiers in Medicine, as part of the journal’s effort to catalyse the translation of scientific breakthroughs into patient care.

Aida Paniccia, PhDJournal Operations SpecialistFrontiers in Medicinemedicine.editorial.office@frontiersin.org