Frontiers in Chemistry: new section on Electrochemistry open for submissions

Specialty Chief Editor Professor Nosang Vincent Myung leads this new section, communicating the latest developments in the field of electrochemistry.

Frontiers is pleased to announce the launch of the new Electrochemistry section in Frontiers in Chemistry__.

This new section will be led by Specialty Chief Editor Nosang Vincent Myung,  Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering at the University of California-Riverside in the USA.

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Specialty Chief Editor Professor Nosang Vincent Myung

“At the interface of chemistry and electrical engineering, electrochemistry is a fast-moving research area,” explains Professor Myung. It plays a fundamental role in energy conversion and storage, as well as in the clean and energy-saving production of chemicals.

This exciting new section seeks articles related to fundamental and applied research across all areas of electrochemistry, including experimental and theoretical aspects of electrodes, interfaces and devices. With a strong focus on pioneering high-quality research, “the electrochemistry section will be at the forefront of disseminating and communicating the latest developments in the field”.

Featuring electrochemistry in a fully gold Open Access journal is “essential to open up the findings to a wider audience and allow the latest breakthroughs to reach everyone in a timely manner”.

Our Electrochemistry section is now open for submissions and we welcome high-quality articles and topical themed article collection proposals across the breadth of the field.

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