New Specialty Section: Preclinical Cell and Gene Therapy

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Preclinical Cell and Gene Therapy is now open for submissions.

This new section expands the repertoire of Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology and provides an Open-Access portal to address new research “at the crossroads between fundamental biological discoveries and therapeutic translation,” says leading expert and Specialty Chief Editor Dr. Andrea Banfi (University of Basel).

Preclinical Cell and Gene Therapy - a multidisciplinary section

"I hopes this new section will provide an exciting forum where biology, technology and medicine translate basic research into therapy,” says Dr. Banfi.

Advancing research on preclinical cell and gene therapy requires “multidisciplinary interaction between biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics and clinical medicine,” he explains. “Harnessing the wealth of biological data for rational therapeutic approaches is both the challenge and the opportunity of today”.  

Frontiers Open-Access platform enables research visibility

Welcoming an international board of Associate Editors, this new section finds its roots in Frontiers’ innovative Open-Access history. 

For Dr. Banfi, Open Access is “a fundamental aspect of modern science”. He believes it is important for guaranteeing full accessibility of research to the scientific community and ensuring publicly funded science is available to the public itself.

The Research Topics Non-Viral Gene Therapy Systems for Orthopaedics  and Cell-Based Approaches for Modulating Cartilage and Bone Phenotype are now open for submissions.

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