Celebrating International Day of Women & Girls in Science – blog launch and event sponsorship

Author: Desiree Galicher, Chief People Officer

February 11th is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Launched in 2015, its objective is to raise awareness of, and achieve gender parity in, educational opportunity and scientific participation and preparation for women and girls around the world.

While positive progress has been made by the global community over the last 15 years, there is still a way to go. According to UNESCO, just 30 per cent of researchers globally are female, and just 35 per cent of all students enrolled in STEM related fields of study are women.

Breaking down barriers and stereotypes, defying biases and confronting discrimination must remain an absolute priority. As an academic publisher, we want to do what we can to help bring about lasting change.

Last year, we announced our support and commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact. With that in mind, Frontiers is happy to announce we are supporting International Day of Women and Girls in Science in two ways this year:

#WomeninScience blog launch

We are very excited the announce the launch of a brand-new blog series called Women in Science. Each blog will be a Q&A led interview with leading female scientists and researchers from within the Frontiers community, many of who have already contributed to the Women in Science research topic.

The interviews will focus on their careers, influences, what inspired or helped them to get to where they are today, and offer advice to others with in interest in science.

The blogs will be published monthly via the Frontiers blogsite and shared across our social media channels. The first blog, an interview with Dr Gal Winter, a microbiologist at the University of New England by Journal Specialist Leticia Nani Silva, will be published on the International Day of Women In Science. Stay tuned.

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association event partnership

On the 10th, the Geneva Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association is hosting a special event sponsored by Frontiers focusing on establishing a career in science. The purpose of the event, which this year will be hosted virtually of course, is to:

“Highlight the representation, visibility and reduction of barriers to the science industry. We want to show young people (and not so young) that a career in science is very dynamic and diverse. In addition, the event will be in French to promote social mobility and improve the outreach program.”

More information about attending and the program is available here.