Switzerland renews national deal with Frontiers  

Frontiers announces that its national agreement with The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries (CSAL), first signed in 2022, has been renewed for another year.  

Credit: Frontiers

The Swiss research community has once again affirmed its commitment to open access through the renewal of a national publishing deal with Frontiers. Signed by The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries, the agreement simplifies the publishing process for both researchers and librarians.

Ronald Buitenhuis, head of institutional partnerships at Frontiers, said: “This partnership is of great importance to us. Being headquartered in Switzerland, Frontiers is delighted to continue to offer significant benefits and support to authors in our home country. We look forward to a long-term collaboration as we work together to empower researchers.”

The Swiss renewal is part of Frontiers’ expanding portfolio of international deals. Other recently agreed partnerships include consortiums in the United Kingdom, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Slovenia.

In Switzerland, 15 institutions and research centers will benefit from the terms of the new agreement. New institutions can register to participate at any time and there is no annual fee to join.

What are the benefits of joining the partnership?

Frontiers streamlines processes for researchers and their institutions with tailored, flexible, and financially sustainable publishing models. We offer an innovative workflow alongside a dashboard, providing new insights and transparency.

Member institutions benefit from: 

  • national discount on article processing charges (APCs)   

  • centralized, flexible invoicing  

  • a range of payment options  

  • a dedicated account manager supporting library staff.  

Researchers have access to:   

  • collaborative peer-review  

  • article and author impact metrics  

  • enhanced dissemination tools such as Loop.  

Frontiers offers continuous registration with no annual fee. Partners can contribute to the development of our partnership models. For more information contact us at institutions@frontiersin.org 

Current participants include:  

  • Agroscope  

  • ETH Zurich  

  • Haute école pédagogique du canton de Vaud (HEP Vaud)

  • Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts  

  • PSI - Paul Scherrer Institute  

  • Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL)  

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag)  

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)

  • Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa)  

  • Università della Svizzera italiana  

  • University of Bern  

  • University of Geneva  

  • University of Lausanne 

  • University of Neuchâtel  

  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)  

To determine whether your institution is a partner, consult your librarian or visit our website

About The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries 

The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries obtains licenses for scientific resources (electronic journals, eBooks and databases). It offers a broad range of services and supports the efforts of implementing the national open access strategy. Thus, it plays an instrumental role in guaranteeing the quality and competitiveness of Switzerland as a university and research hub. 

About Frontiers 

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