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6 Tips For Evaluating The Condition Of Used Kohler Generators For Sale

6 Tips For Evaluating The Condition Of Used Kohler Generators For Sale

If you're looking at used Kohler generators for sale, you need to know what to look for to determine if the generator will meet your needs and is worth the price.

In this day and age, reliable electrical power is everything. The mere thought of your home or business losing power for a few hours, not to mention several days or weeks, is terrifying to most. As a result, many home and business owners have taken it upon themselves to buy a backup generator that can power their needs until the grid is back up and running.

Sounds great, but expensive, right? True. A new genset and connection system can set you back several thousand dollars and even more if you're going for a really big one. But, there are more affordable alternatives, particularly for homes and small businesses: used generators.

Used Kohler generators are a perfect example of this. Kohler makes residential, small business, industrial, and marine generators for use in a variety of locations and conditions. The company has been around since 1920 and Kohler generators have been used all around the world to provide power where it was needed.

That long-standing history means it's a quality product that has withstood the test of time during the great increases in electricity demand the world has ever seen. If it's time to consider buying a generator for your home or business, you would do well to look at used Kohler generators for sale.

But, just because a brand has a great reputation doesn't mean you should blindly purchase one of their products. Like any piece of machinery, how well a generator is maintained will strongly impact how it performs in the future.

If you're looking at used Kohler generators for sale, you need to know what to look for to determine if the generator will meet your needs and is worth the price. To help you do so, we've compiled this short list of tip for evaluating the condition of used Kohler generators.

Checklist For Evaluating Used Kohler Generators For Sale

  • Hours. We recommend looking at hours versus the age of a generator. Every generator has an odometer reading, just like a car. This number will tell you how often it has been used. Even seemingly old generators can have low hours, especially if they were used as backup generators.

  • Usage. Try to find out how the generator was used. As mentioned above, a machine that was used only occasionally for backup purposes will typically have less wear and tear and be in better shape than one that was used continuously.

  • Maintenance records. If you are lucky, you'll find used Kohler generators for sale with impeccable maintenance records. If you find a generator with these records, snatch it up! It's been well taken care of and the records will prove it. If you can't find a generator with these records, see our advice about buying from certain sellers below.

  • Physical condition. Of course you want to inspect the physical condition of the generator. Check the mechanical components of the machine for red flags. Look for cracks and corrosion, wear patterns, etc. Can the part be fixed or replaced?

  • Load test. The load test is a very important part of buying a used generator as it tells you if the machine is capable of meeting the demands placed on it. The load test allows you to see the generator in action with varying power demands placed on it and gives you an idea of the kind of output the machine is capable of.

  • Seller. Ideally, you'll be buying used Kohler generators for sale from a dealer or reseller. These sellers have the ability to evaluate, examine, test, and repair used generators long before they are ever made available for sale to you. Buy from trustworthy, reputable sellers and take advantage of their expertise to avoid making a poor buying decision. Many times the maintenance records or history of the unit is not available. That doesn't have to mean you walk away from the sale. A trustworthy seller will have tested the machines and will be able to assist you in finding one that meets your needs…and your mechanical capabilities. Work with sellers who maintain, repair, and install generators and their related equipment themselves for your best chance at buying a reliable used generator.


Buying a generator is a smart decision if you live in areas prone to power outages or can't risk being closed for business if the power goes out. Buying a used generator is an even smarter decision since it can save you thousands of dollars. Now you can use this checklist to evaluate used Kohler generators for sale and avoid paying more than you can afford.




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