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7 Marketing Tasks You Can Automate Today

7 Marketing Tasks You Can Automate Today

Your marketing team is very busy. There’s so much to do when you’re trying to run a successful campaign, and if everyone is weighed down with menial tasks, they won’t be able to address the things that really matter. Automation in all aspects of business makes everything easier. If you aren’t already automating your marketing efforts, it’s time to start.


1. Your Social Media Posts

Who wants to stop every few hours to create and post marketing content for social media? You don’t have to. By prewriting and scheduling posts, all the marketing team needs to do is set the stage for the social media team. Keep someone around to answer questions and interact in the comments section, but set all of the prewritten posts on a schedule. This assures that posts will only take a couple hours out of one day, versus frequent interruptions that disrupt productivity throughout the week.


2. Your Content Promotion

Setting your blog posts to automatically cross post on your social media accounts will save you a fair bit of time. You won’t have to hop from platform to platform to get the word out. Most blogging platforms offer plugins or add-ons that will automatically share new posts on every network you’ve linked to the account. You can even set them to share twice in the same day if you’re looking to boost visibility.


3. Your Email Lists

Some professionals are already automating their email promotion announcements, but they’re doing it the wrong way. Sending out a mass email to everyone on your list is more likely to have people clicking unsubscribe than it is to get them interested. Instead, make four or five emails specific to different groups of people, use automation tools to break that list down into smaller pieces, and send each the email that’s most relevant to them.


4. Your Analytics

It sometimes feels like you need to hire some kind of wizard to handle your analytics. It’s time consuming, and it requires a lot of checking. Since everyone understands the value of analytics, companies that offer them (as well as third party services) provide automation tools that will review data and draw conclusions on your behalf. Let it run in the background while you’re working on the next phase of your marketing campaign.


5. Your Targeted Emails

Think about the emails triggered by specific customer or client behaviors. Did they leave something behind in their cart? Were they interacting with something that’s on a limited promotion? You can set these emails up to send themselves. You won’t have to review activity and find these people to dispatch the email.


6. Handling Your Leads

Lead scoring, special landing pages, automated popups, and even contest style promotions can all be outsourced to an automated program. You won’t have to pull a Glengarry Glen Ross with all of the information you’re receiving. Lead management software can tell who qualifies and target efforts specifically to the person in question. All you need to do is check in once in a while and play around until you get the results you want.


7. Most of Your Testing

A/B testing is one of the biggest lifesavers when it comes to lead conversion. You can’t go without it, and it’s ordinarily labor intensive. By using result tracking tools, it’s easier for you to determine which are your best options for landing pages and calls to action. Review and revise the data you receive, and it’s as simple as that.


It’s amazing how much more productive your marketing team will be when the small stuff can be automated. You’ll spend less time fretting over small details and more time focused on what really works. It’ll get a little easier every time. 


Michelle Arios works as Marketing Assistant for, writing for several online magazines and gaining experience in marketing. Whenever not working, she likes to catch up with the industry blogs or her favorite TV shows.

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