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Check the Frontiers E-books in Science, Health and Engineering

Check the Frontiers E-books in Science, Health and Engineering

Take a look at the Frontiers Research Topic E-Books

Epigenetic Modifications and Viral Infections, hosted by  Silvia Carolina Galvan, Alejandro García Carrancá, Félix Recillas-Targa and Jiuzhou Song
Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders in Endocrine Diseases, hosted by  Gianluca Tamagno and Jacques Epelbaum
Remodeling of cardiac passive electrical properties and susceptibility to ventricular and atrial arrhythmias, hosted by  George E. Billman
Multi-omic Data Integration, hosted by  Paolo Tieri, Christine Nardini and Jennifer Elizabeth Dent
30 Years of the Comet Assay: An Overview with Some New Insights, hosted by Amaya Azqueta, Sabine Langie and  Andrew Collins
Monitoring endogenous GPCRs: lessons for drug design, hosted by Dominique Massotte
Heart Rate Variability: Clinical Applications and Interaction between HRV and Heart Rate, hosted by Karin Trimmel, Jerzy Sacha and Heikki Veli Huikuri
Neurovision: Neural bases of binocular vision and coordination and their implications in visual training programs, hosted by Olivier A. Coubard
Radiation-induced and oxidative DNA damages, hosted by Antonio Monari, Elise Dumont and Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu
Marine biomolecules, hosted by Antonio Trincone, Mikhail Kusaykin and Svetlana Ermakova
Therapeutic Implications of Circadian Rhythms, hosted by Guangrui Yang, Han Wang and Erquan Zhang
The Impact of Shared Vision on Leadership, Engagement, and Organizational Citizenship, hosted by Richard Eleftherios Boyatzis, Kylie Rochford and Scott N. Taylor
Pattern Recognition Receptors and Cancer, hosted by Anton G. Kutikhin and Arseniy E. Yuzhalin
Synthetic Biology: engineering complexity and refactoring cell capabilities, hosted by Francesca Ceroni, Karmella Ann Haynes, Pablo Carbonell and Jean Marie François
Transcriptional Regulation in Cancers and Metabolic Diseases, hosted by  Wen Zhou and Carol Prives
Recent Advances in γδ T-Cell Biology: New Ligands, New Functions, and New Translational Perspectives, hosted by Dieter Kabelitz and Julie Déchanet-Merville


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