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The Thalassa Chronicle

The Thalassa Chronicle

A new blog about science
We just launched a new blog about science: "The Thalassa Chronicle". In Greek mythology, Thalassa is the primordial spirit of the sea. More evocatively, Thalassa is also the name of a faraway oceanic planet in the science fiction novel “The Songs of Distant Earth” by Arthur C. Clarke. The novel tells the story of a utopian human colony in the far future that is visited by travellers from a doomed Earth, as the Sun has gone nova. It begins with an introduction to the native Thalassans – the marine biologist Brant, his partner Mirissa and her brother Kumar. They are typical examples of the Thalassan culture; quiet, stable and free from supernatural influence. We are marine scientists, quiet, stable and not so free from supernatural influence. This blog is a shared platform  for presenting and discussing our most recent work and our thoughts in terms that are accessible to the broad public. We hope you like it!