Frontiers team

Kamila Markram


Kamila is a neuroscientist, autism researcher and co-founder & CEO of Frontiers. She believes that scientists should be in control of publishing their work. While overseeing all activities at Frontiers, she is also an active neuroscientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.


Roger Biggs


Roger qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1979 and, since then, he has fulfilled many roles within Industry & Commerce and as a financial advisor. Roger has acted as a consultant to Frontiers from its inception in 2006 and he became a full time member of the Frontiers team, responsible for financial and administration matters, in February 2013.


Tobias Abarbanell


Tobias has over 15 years experience in IT Management and is writing software since Unix/BSD 4.2 in 1985. He is in charge of the architecture and development of the Frontiers website, Quality Assurance, IT operations and support.


Frederick Fenter

Executive Editor

Fred worked in environmental science before venturing into the world of scientific publishing. His past employers include a large STM publisher, a university press, and a technology startup, and he has contributed to a variety of projects involving libraries, document repositories, databases and open-access publishing initiatives. He is very pleased to be with Frontiers and to participate in the transformation of scientific publishing.


Sandra Hausmann

Product Management Director

Sandra has over 10 years experience in IT product management. Together with her team of digital product managers and designers she ensures that the Frontiers platform stays at the cutting edge of academic publishing and research networking.


Johanna Reichen

Production Director

Johanna has a background in marketing and visual communication. Enthusiastic about online publishing and new media technologies she manages the production department and coordinates the publication of Frontiers articles and production processes.


Gozde Zorlu

Communication Manager

Gozde manages the Press Office at Frontiers. A former journalist, she reported for leading publications including the Guardian, Nature, Scientific American and the British Medical Journal. She has a degree in Science and Technology Studies from University College London and an MA in Journalism from City University, London.


Giovanni Lippi

Human Resources Director

Giovanni has a M.A. in Business Administration/Finance from Bocconi University of Milan, and a background in equity markets, project management and software product development. He is passionate about shaping the business and the administrative side of Frontiers.

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