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Gene expression associated with early and late chronotypes in Drosophila melanogaster

The circadian clock provides the temporal framework for rhythmic behavioral and metabolic functions. In the modern era of industrialization, work, and social pressures, clock function is jeopardized, and can result in adverse and chronic effects on health. Understanding circadian clock function, particularly individual variation in diurnal phase preference (chronotype), and the molecular mechanisms underlying such chronotypes may lead to interventions that could abrogate...


On the gender–science stereotypes held by scientists: explicit accord with gender-ratios, implicit accord with scientific identity

Women's representation in science has changed substantially, but unevenly, over the past 40 years. In health and biological sciences, for example, women's representation among U.S. scientists is now on par with or greater than men's, while in physical sciences and engineering they remain a clear minority. We investigated whether variation in proportions of women in scientific disciplines is related to differing levels of male-favoring...


Physical embodiment can produce robot operator’s pseudo presence

Recent studies have focused on humanoid robots for improving distant communication. When a user talks with a remote conversation partner through a humanoid robot, the user can see the remote partner’s body motions with physical embodiment but not the partner’s current appearance. The physical embodiment existing in the same room with the user is the main feature of humanoid robots, but the effects on social telepresence, i.e., the sense of resembling face-to-face interaction...


Sugar and spice, and everything nice: exploring prosocial development through infancy and early childhood

Prosocial behaviours such as sharing, helping, and comforting begin to emerge early in development. The presence of these prosocial behaviours is important not only in childhood, but throughout one’s lifetime, as behaving prosocially is important for social functioning and maintaining social relationships. For many years researchers have been interested in how and when these behaviours develop...


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