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About Frontiers

Frontiers is a community-oriented open-access academic publisher and research network. 

Our grand vision is to build an Open Science platform that empowers researchers in their daily work and where everybody has equal opportunity to seek, share and generate knowledge.

Frontiers is at the forefront of building the ultimate Open Science platform. We are driving innovations and new technologies around peer-review, article and author impact metrics, social networking for researchers, and a whole ecosystem of open science tools. We are the first – and only – platform that combines open-access publishing with research networking, with the goal to increase the reach of publications and ultimately the impact of articles and their authors.

Frontiers was launched as a grassroots initiative in 2007 by scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, out of the collective desire to improve the publishing options and provide better tools and services to researchers in the Internet age. Since then, Frontiers has become one of the largest and fastest-growing open-access scholarly publishers: over 20,000 high-quality, peer-reviewed articles have been published in 45 community-driven journals across more than 300 specialty niches in science, medicine and technology, and more than 40,000 high-impact researchers serve on the editorial boards and over 6 million monthly page views.

Frontiers Progress Reports
Frontiers Progress Reports are produced annually to inform the Frontiers community and the public of recent developments and activities. Download the 2014 version.

  • – Community-driven journals, with more than 40,000 world-renowned scientists as editors;
  • – “Gold” open access for all articles, under the CC-BY Creative Commons license – the least restrictive CC license;
  • Frontiers Peer-Review: rigorous, fair, constructive, transparent & efficient as enabled by our custom-built “Review Forum” web software;
  • Frontiers Impact Evaluation: article impact metrics for all publications;
  • Frontiers Tier-Climbing: high impact research articles "climb the tier" as "Focused Reviews" to reach a broader audience.

Read more about our publishing model.

  • – Receives millions of monthly page views and contains the world’s leading researchers, academics and scholars.
  • – Connects you with colleagues and researchers in your subject area;
  • – Promotes and disseminates your research automatically for you – even without you doing anything;
  • – Increases your impact – makes your articles go farther and faster;
  • – Keeps you up-to-date with new publications, video lectures, conferences, workshops, science news and much more.

Read more about our research network.


Frontiers is proud to count several research institutions as supporters and has been featured in:


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