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In this century, as the cyber space of industrial and societal systems has expanded and advanced, there is an opportunity to remove barriers if research objectives are carefully aligned. If cyber space data were well utilized to conduct various kind of experiments, the method of physics would apply much more ...

In this century, as the cyber space of industrial and societal systems has expanded and advanced, there is an opportunity to remove barriers if research objectives are carefully aligned. If cyber space data were well utilized to conduct various kind of experiments, the method of physics would apply much more directly to the industrial, social and environmental spheres.

In the age of classical political economy, scholars tried to argue the subjects to be described mainly verbally because they owned nothing analytical. The scholars in the next era had much fun in anything mathematical. At the end of the last century, physicists entered into the socio-economic field. In present times, the pandemic forced the composition of the government budgets to turn logistics upside down unexpectedly. Furthermore, because of factors such as war, global geopolitics may change the financial network.

J. Schumpeter, an evolutionary economist, regarded creative destructions as the engine of innovation. During the current pandemic, the socio-economic system is being exposed to worldwide destruction. However, on the other hand, a powerful drive towards a directional mandated financial/investment policy has been triggered, e.g. in powerful trends like Natural Asset Corporations (NACs) and the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), which is closely related to Blackrock, the largest asset management fund. This has resulted in an instance where vision has become reality. In these occurrences, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) may be much more stringently applied to a selective set of the goals. Needless to say, creative destruction is not limited to investment. Monetary reforms of standard currency, such as new global SWFT coin systems, as well as quantum financial systems might be added more fundamental pressures. In addition, depopulation, natural disaster, and extra-terrestrial factors symbolized by TESLA's SpaceX may be indispensable pressures on our evolving process. These all may be a kind of creative destruction, indeed.

Given these essentially critical situations, there are no guaranteed and established set of analytical tools for our contemporary econo-socio problems. Our topics are inherently multi-dimensional. Thus, in this Research Topic, we are very interested in a new style of evolution, i.e. evolution in the face of a strong trend.

A big theme of evolution is that a strong tension will give rise to a selection drive entailing some change. A metaphor is easy to make; suppose extinguishment of many small-scaled businesses occurs, which may lead to a collapse of the statistical distribution of corporations. Or, suppose the existing currency standard should be replaced with crypto digital currency, that could lead to a collapse of wealth distributions among nations, persons, and firms. These pressure-driven changes may cause a series of repercussions in many fields of interest, with growing complexities and heterogeneities, such as; cryptocurrencies reform, local monetary exchange, market high frequency transaction, supply network chain, and how to promote production automation, and smarter cities.

The estimation of these effects will become computationally sophisticated by transductive inference through machine learning. Such events are usually interpreted by producing a corresponding computational universe, whether 0-1 bite or quantum bit. Artificial intelligence can be a methodology to analyse these events, that is not as explored. This requires a computational sophistication of multi-layered levels. However, we will not necessarily need to look for a general, super, and hyper intelligence by mining deeper, as Stephen Wolfram suggested in his essay to formulate a communication with alien. It seems enough to utilize zero/minimum intelligence, as named by S. Sunder In this context, either human will or AI or insects who follow the same procedure may be regarded as a similar entity. So we will not be committed to subjective optimization. In this spirit, we will also analyze game-theoretic analysis of social dilemmas under selective trends pressures.

We encourage an interdisciplinary approach to our suggested issues, in that scholars working in the econo, socio, and computational physics areas develop their methods to accommodate these new issues. The scope of our topic welcomes interdisciplinary physicists and other scientists to demonstrate their research solutions to these problems. We welcome papers around the theme "Interdisciplinary Approaches towards the Evolution of Socio-economic Systems Under Selective Trend Pressures'', including the pandemic. The themes of this Research Topic are recommended as follows:

1. Interdisciplinary sophistication of the evolution of the socio-economic system during trend pressures, such as the COVID-19 pandemic:

1.1 Economic linked evolution; Investment/depreciation, Supply/service chain, Financial and banking network, Remittance dynamics of traditional SWIFT and the new crypto currency network

1.2 Socio linked evolution; Medical/pharmaceutical linked, Medicare linked, Crimes linked, Climate linked, Space linked, Urban smarter city, Human flow dynamics

2. Algorithmic and Computational sophistication; Monetary exchange, AI market transaction, time series, visible graphs

Keywords: Evolution, Selective trend pressures, Pandemic, Computational sophistication, Algorithmic sophistication, sociophysics, econophysics, interdisciplinary approaches

Important Note: All contributions to this Research Topic must be within the scope of the section and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements. Frontiers reserves the right to guide an out-of-scope manuscript to a more suitable section or journal at any stage of peer review.

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