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Research Topic

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Brain and Art

SpecialTopic Image

Topic Editors:

Idan Segev, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Luis M. Martinez, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain
Robert J. Zatorre, McGill University, Canada

Submission Closed.

In the last decade Neuroscience has made a huge jump in experimental techniques as well as in developing theoretical concepts and analytic tools for studying emergent properties in large neuronal networks. These potentially bring us closer to understanding, in biological terms, the unique and fantastic capabilities of the Human brain to both create art and to enjoy it.

The goal of the aforementioned Research Topic is to bring together the key experimental and theoretical research linking state-of-the-art knowledge about the Brain with the phenomena of Art. We plan a broad scope of topics for this unique volume, by inviting experts in vision, audition, movement/dance and cinema, and to also ask a few artists to contribute insights on their creative process. We are certain that such a volume is highly timely and is presently missing, and that it will be highly attractive to a wide community of brain researchers and for the community at large.

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