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The Ebola epidemic: Is there a way out?

Urgent and adequate funding of vaccines in clinical trials and speedy implementation of immunization across African countries is called for by The International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS).

The position paper, published by the IUIS in its official journal Frontiers in Immunology, explains vaccination will be a vital additional strategy. Although no licensed vaccines exist on the market, "significant progress" has been made.


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Capuchin monkeys do not show human-like pricing effects

Recent work in judgment and decision-making has shown that a good's price can have irrational effects on people's preferences. People tend to prefer goods that cost more money and assume that such expensive goods will be more effective, even in cases where the price of the good is itself arbitrary. Although much work has documented the existence of these pricing effects ...


Assessing impacts of unconventional natural gas extraction on microbial communities in headwater stream ecosystems in Northwestern Pennsylvania

Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have increased dramatically in Pennsylvania Marcellus shale formations, however the potential for major environmental impacts are still incompletely understood. High-throughput sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene ...


Global change and the future ocean: a grand challenge for marine sciences

The occurrence of a growing number of environmental changes attributable to human pressures at the planetary scale has led to the identification of these changes as part of a higher-order syndrome referred to as Anthropogenic Global Change. Whereas most research on the drivers and impacts of anthropogenic global change ...


Ways to improve tumor uptake and penetration of drugs into solid tumors

The main scope of this topic is to give an update on pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches to enhance uptake and penetration of cancer drugs into tumors. Inadequate accumulation of drugs in tumors has emerged over the last decade as one of the main problems underlying therapeutic failure and drug resistance in the treatment of cancer ...


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