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MinION nanopore sequencing of an influenza genome

Influenza epidemics and pandemics have significant impacts on economies, morbidity and mortality worldwide. The ability to rapidly and accurately sequence influenza viruses is instrumental in the prevention and mitigation of influenza. All eight influenza genes from an influenza A virus were amplified by PCR simultaneously and then subjected to sequencing on a MinION nanopore sequencer. A complete influenza virus genome was obtained that shared greater than 99% identity with sequence data obtained from Illumina MiSeq and traditional Sanger-sequencing. The lab...


Envisioning the urban past: GIS reconstruction of a lost Denver district

Large areas within the old urban core of American cities were destroyed in the post-war era as city leaders sought to counteract metropolitan decentralization by implementing urban renewal programs. For the most part, these places were deemed not worthy of documentation; indeed, areas declared as “blighted” were widely viewed as ugly, cancerous threats to the future health of the city and were enthusiastically demolished. For this reason, they have rarely been the object of study. This paper attempts to address the neglect of such lost landscapes by using GIS...


An optimization formulation for characterization of pulsatile cortisol secretion

Cortisol is released to relay information to cells to regulate metabolism and reaction to stress and inflammation. In particular, cortisol is released in the form of pulsatile signals. This low-energy method of signaling seems to be more efficient than continuous signaling. We hypothesize that there is a controller in the anterior pituitary that leads to pulsatile release of cortisol, and propose a mathematical formulation for such controller, which leads to impulse control as opposed to continuous control. We postulate that this controller is mini...


Interdisciplinary approaches to multilingualism

This research topic stems from the IAM interdisciplinary conference, the first of its kind, which will bring together the work of researchers, educators, and policy makers in the areas of first and second language acquisition from psycholinguistic and language pedagogy perspectives. The goal is to provide an opportunity for participants to engage with the implications of multilingualism from a range of perspectives, including the effects of being bilingual from infancy to adulthood, the process and benefits of learning multiple languages, and the impact of mult...


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