Partners and Collaborations

Frontiers is accredited by and a member of major publishing regulatory and ethical committees, and our journals are recognised and archived in established international indexes and repositories. We work with certified publishing service providers and leading consortia advocating Open Science.



In order to safeguard the integrity of the scholarly literature and adhere to the highest quality standards and best ethical practices, Frontiers is a member of the following key bodies:


Indexing Services and Repositories

Frontiers articles are included in the following repositories and indexing services (journal dependent) to facilitate discoverability and accessibility, and to ensure long-term preservation.


Controlled LOCKSS
DOAB - Directory of Open Access Books
eBooks from our Research Topics
DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals
listed with Seal of Approval
Web of Science
Science Citation Index Expanded, Emerging Sources Citation Index and Journal Citation Reports.


Integrated Service Providers and Platforms

Frontiers articles are of the highest quality – a standard we are committed to maintaining. To ensure this, we collaborate with top external service providers:


In addition to a full suite of Frontiers article impact metrics, we have also integrated Altmetric, allowing for alternative and objective ways to evaluate research.
Pre-print manuscripts can be submitted to Frontiers directly through BioRxiv to avoid duplicating manuscript information.
Authors affiliated with or grantees of organisations using Chronos can directly submit their manuscript to Frontiers from Chronos.
All published articles are enriched with a record of the current article status.
To meet the data deposition requirements of our authors and help them showcase their research data outputs, a Figshare widget is embedded on all articles pages, enabling readers to view supplemental data alongside the article.
All submitted articles are checked for plagiarism and that they adhere to quality standards.
Pre-print manuscripts can be submitted to Frontiers directly through MedRxiv to avoid duplicating manuscript information.
Our networking platform, Loop, is fully integrated with ORCID, enabling authors to quickly and easily import publications.


As an Open Science advocate, Frontiers works at an EU level with the European Commission and other Open Science stakeholders to further our joint mission for Open Science and innovation.


European Commission
Horizon 2020 expert group on the Future of Scholarly Publishing and Scholarly Communication