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Why submit?

Frontiers' journal series was purposely designed to address many of the issues that authors are confronted with in traditional publishing models.

Fairness of review, speed of publication and widespread visibility are just a few of the benefits available for Frontiers' authors.

Fast, transparent review

All articles submitted to Frontiers are subjected to review without selection bias. Our peer review system is designed to be unbiased, efficient and transparent.

  • An average of 90 days from submission to acceptance due to our innovative interactive review forum

  • Only the top researchers in your field are admitted to our editorial boards to ensure that the peer review adds value to your research

  • Our review template ensures that the review process is comprehensive and objective

  • Real-time interaction between the author and the review editors speeds up the review process enabling research findings to be published timely.

  • The review editors’ identities, which remain confidential throughout the review process, are revealed upon article publication and the review editors are acknowledged for their work and their contribution to the publication.

Rapid publication

Authors are able to almost instantaneously claim their discovery through rapid paper pending abstract publications. Articles are available immediately after publication so other researchers can build on the findings without delays, speeding up scientific progress. An average of 12 days from acceptance until the final typeset document.

Article impact

Our innovative tools and solutions raise the visibility and impact of research so more people can benefit from your discoveries.

Our suite of impact metrics provides the most advanced feedback available in terms of article readership, citation statistics, comment posting and ratings. Authors may follow the impact of their published articles via this unprecedented set of analytics tools. These data are then translated into powerful indicators regarding the academic excellence and social relevance of each research work.

Read more about our impact.

Article promotion

Articles are widely promoted through email alerts and, when appropriate, press releases, further increasing the accessibility and spreading of every research work.

Top researchers as editors

All appointed members of our editorial boards are selected among the best researchers in their areas of expertise. The editors' efforts in improving the paper during review and their names' disclosure on accepted articles contribute certifying that each article is a landmark of the highest quality, and therefore increasing the authors' reputation.


Frontiers articles are indexed in a number of major international digital archives and repositories, such as PubMed Central, DOAJ, Google Scholar, Chemical Abstracts Service. For additional details on specific indexing, please see the individual journals’ About page.

Open access

Frontiers' open access policy ensures high visibility and maximum exposure of your work - anyone can read your Frontiers articles, without paying any access or subscription costs. Your work can be shared under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Frontiers submits all its journals for archiving in PubMed Central and PubMed, and all publications receive a PMCID as soon as the journal is indexed (even retroactively).

Copyright retention

Under our website terms and conditions you retain the copyright in your articles (except for any third-party images etc). You may in general reproduce copies of your articles in any way you choose and freely disseminate these as reprints or electronically, as long as the original publication is fully cited. For instance, your published article can (with the full citation) be posted on your personal or institutional homepage, emailed to friends and colleagues, printed, archived in a collection, distributed on CD-ROM, quoted in the press, translated or distributed in any other way to as many people and as often as you wish. All Frontiers articles are Open Access and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits the use, distribution, and reproduction in other forums, provided the original authors and source are credited.

Publishing process - step by step

1. Preparation

Format the manuscript to be submitted according to our author guidelines.

2. Registration

Register yourself with Frontiers and log in to start submission.

3. Submission

Submit your manuscript through the Frontiers submission pages, where you are required to select the specialty which best covers your research area as well as one associate editor.

4. Review

Once the review editors have submitted their independent review reports, you are notified that the interactive review forum is active. According to our review guidelines you are now able to interact with the review editors in the forum and also re-submit a new manuscript if necessary.

5. Acceptance or rejection

Upon finalization of the review, the editorial decision is taken and you immediately receive notification.

6. Publication fees

Congratulations, your article was accepted. You are now required to pay an article processing fee, if needed. Rejected articles are not charged any fees.

7. Article production

Your manuscript layout is adapted according to our style sheet. Proofs will be sent to you to be checked and corrected. At this step, you may be asked for higher quality figures if needed. In order to prevent a delay in the production process, please make sure that your images, figures and tables follow the author guidelines. For any questions, contact the production office.

8. Publication and indexing

After production, your article is published electronically in the specialty journal or section, both in HTML and PDF formats, and is also submitted to PubMed Central for archiving.

9. Dynamic impact evaluation

Your article’s impact is dynamically evaluated while readers browse the pages of Frontiers' platform and feed back to the authors.