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Biofuel production from algae and other research to address food and energy security

Presented by Prof. Peer Schenk University of Queensland, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Affiliated Professor, QAAFI Centre for Plant Science & QAAFI Centre for Nutrition a Food Science

Science > Microbiology > Aquatic Microbiology

Keywords: Microalgae mass cultivation, microalgal biotechnology, Microalgae Harvesting, Biofuels

Posted by: Peer Schenk

Posted on: 28 Dec 2014

Multi-sensory Urban Search-and-Rescue Robotics: Improving the Operator's Omni-Directional Perception

The area of Human-Robot Interaction deals with problems not only related to robots interacting with humans, but also with problems related to humans interacting and controlling robots. This article...

Engineering > Robotics and AI > Human-Robot Interaction

Keywords: multimodal interfces, urban search-and-rescue, robot teleoperation, Multi-sensory feedback, visual audio tactile and smell feedback

Posted by: Paulo Gonçalves De Barros

Posted on: 04 Dec 2014

Episodic memory via virtual reality (Memory and Cognition lab., Univ. Paris Descartes, Inserm U894)

Cognitive and neuropsychological evaluation of memory (what-where-when binding) and methods of memory rehabilitation via virtual reality paradigms.

Science > Neuroscience > Aging Neuroscience

Keywords: virtual reality, virtual assessment, Memory, Memory Disorders

Posted by: Pascale Piolino

Posted on: 01 Dec 2014

3D Printing of Liquid Metals at Room Temperature

Researchers at NC State have developed a way to print liquid metals into 3D structures at room temperature. The structures are stabilized by a thin oxide 'skin' that forms on the liquid metal. The...

Science > Chemistry > Metals and Alloys

Posted by: Dishit Paresh Parekh

Posted on: 17 Nov 2014

Menthal App Shows How Smartphone-Addicted You Are

How often do you check your smartphone? Enough to qualify you as an addict? If you're worried, smartphone app Menthal can help put you on a "digital diet." R...

Science > Psychology

Posted by: Alexander Christian Markowetz

Posted on: 06 Oct 2014

Humanoid Robot Reem B lifts weights

Pal Technology presents Reem B, a prototype for the development of one of the most sophisticated humanoid service robots in the world. Humanoid Robot Reem B ...

Engineering > Robotics and AI > Manufacturing Robotics

Posted by: Jorge Velázquez Sánchez-Toscano

Posted on: 29 Sep 2014

Danko Nikolic on Singularity 1 on 1: Practopoiesis Tells Us Machine Learning Is Not Enough! If there’s ever been a case when I just wanted to jump on a plane and go interview someone in p...

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroengineering

Posted by: Danko Nikolic

Posted on: 14 Sep 2014

Computational Imaging - Peyman Milanfar at Technion Computer Engineering conference

Computational Imaging: Never Think You've Seen the Last of Anything Lecture by Prof. Peyman Milanfar of University of California Santa Cruz at the TCE confer...


Keywords: computational photography, Image Enhancement, image processing, Image Processing, Computer-Assisted

Posted by: Peyman Milanfar

Posted on: 02 Sep 2014

NSF I-Corps 2014 Michigan Cohort Team 341: Technical Video

NSF I-Corps Team 341: 1-Minute Technical Video A one minute video put together by entrepreneurial lead Jillian Nguyen for the NSF I-Corps course, Ann Arbor August 2014 cohort. This video briefly...

Science > Psychology > Clinical Psychology

Keywords: Movement Disorders, Movement, Stochastic Modeling, stochastic processes, Statistical Distributions, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Autistic Disorder, autism, Body Motion, body movements, computational neuroscience, Movement Neuroscience

Posted by: Elizabeth B Torres

Posted on: 01 Sep 2014

Molecular modeling of azole inside P450 enzyme

The system is composed of an azole antifungal, and cytochrom p450 enzyme. Iron atom is shown as pink ball, the ligand is colored, and surrounding residues from the receptor are shown in grey. The...

Science > Plant Science

Keywords: antifungals, Azoles, P450, enzyme, Ligand, ligands, YASARA, Molecular modeling, force field

Posted by: Yasser Gaber

Posted on: 04 Aug 2014

Dynamics of Olfactory Neural Codes

In our study we construct the olfactory neural network wiring from data and establish a dynamical model for olfactory neural codes. For more information please contact: Dr. Eli Shlizerman...

Science > Ecology and Evolution > Ecosystems Ecology

Keywords: Data-driven Modeling, data-driven decision making, dimensionality reduction, Olfactory Neural Coding, neuronal networks, insect olfaction, odor discrimination, networks, network dynamics, functional connectomics, olfactory dynamics, coherent structures

Posted by: Eli Shlizerman

Posted on: 20 Jun 2014

Geneva BCI controls K-Junior robot

TELEPRESENCE: Geneva Brain Computer Interface controls robot K-Junior

Science > Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Keywords: Brain Computer Interface, electrical neuroimaging, K-Junior, Geneva BCI

Posted by: Rolando Grave De Peralta Menendez

Posted on: 16 Jun 2014

NIC@IIT Smart Nanobioimaging

An Advanced NanoBioImging Center specialized in Multiphoton and Super resolution microscopy within the framework of Live Cell Imaging

Science > Ecology and Evolution > Comparative and Environmental Physiology

Keywords: supermicroscopy

Posted by: Alberto Diaspro

Posted on: 08 Jun 2014

Habitual Pointing Motions and Surprise Targets

As subjects become automatic at a habitual pointing task, we throw in surprise targets and measure their reaction, adaptive capacity and overall stochastic performance from trial to trial.

Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: habitual behaviors, surprising targets, adaptive indexes, sensory-motor adaptation, haptic perception, Haptic Feedback, sensory-motor feedback, sensory motor integration, sensory motor learning

Posted by: Elizabeth B Torres

Posted on: 02 Jun 2014

Skeletal Interactions

Real time interactions between person and machine

Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: body-computer interface, Dance Therapy, dance, Dance improvisation, dance cognition, Biomechanics Feedback, interactive media, Psychology, Social, Psychomotor Performance, mirror system, Motor Control and learning/plasticity

Posted by: Elizabeth B Torres

Posted on: 02 Jun 2014

Ball Collector using NeuroEvolution

Neuro-evolution of a robot controller that collects ball in an arena. Related work: Ollion, C. and Doncieux, S. (2011). Why and How to Measure Exploration in Behavioral Space. GECCO'11: Proceedings...

Engineering > Robotics and AI > Evolutionary Robotics

Keywords: Behavioral diversity

Posted by: Stephane Doncieux

Posted on: 30 May 2014

Carlos Gershenson: Bringing urban technology to life with realtime feedback

Carlos Gershenson is the head of the Computer Science department at the Mathematical Institute in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico. He researches solutions for urban mobility, healthcare,...

Science > Informatics

Keywords: Urbanism, Technology, adaptivity, self-organization, traffic

Posted by: Carlos Gershenson

Posted on: 27 May 2014

Frederic Kaplan: How to build an information time machine

Imagine if you could surf Facebook ... from the Middle Ages. Well, it may not be as far off as it sounds. In a fun and interesting talk, researcher and engineer Frederic Kaplan shows off the Venice...


Keywords: Time machine, Venice, Digital Humanities, digital history, big data, TEDTalks, big data of the past

Posted by: Frederic Kaplan

Posted on: 25 May 2014

Big data of the past

Digital Time Traveler Frédéric Kaplan Frederic Kaplan, director the EPFL Digital Humanities Lab. conducts research projects combining archive digitisation, i...

Science > Digital Humanities > Digital History

Keywords: big data, big data of the past

Posted by: Frederic Kaplan

Posted on: 25 May 2014

Human Movement Recovery

ACL Recovery Status


Keywords: Rehabilitation, virtual reality, Biomechanics, healthcare

Posted by: Professor SMN Arosha Senanayake

Posted on: 23 May 2014

Human Performance Enhancement

ACL Rehabilitation


Posted by: Professor SMN Arosha Senanayake

Posted on: 23 May 2014

Frictional melting during seismogenic magma ascent at Volcán de Colima, Mexico

Frictional melting of an andesitic volcanic rock from Volcan de Colima (Mexico) to simulate earthquake slip in volcanic conduits. The work is part of the EU Project on Strain Localisation in Magma...

Science > Earth Science > Earthquakes and Seismology

Keywords: frictional melting, pseudotachylyte, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, magma ascent dynamics, Magma rheology, magma generation

Posted by: Yan Lavallée

Posted on: 18 May 2014

Prof. A. E. Eiben: The Next Big Thing in Artificial Evolution

In this talk Prof. Eiben presents a vision about the upcoming breakthrough in artificial evolution: animate artefacts that (self-)reproduce in physical space...

Engineering > Robotics and AI > Evolutionary Robotics

Posted by: A.E. (Gusz) Eiben

Posted on: 16 May 2014

Mission Statement of section Process and Energy Systems Engineering by Prof. Francois Marechal

Process and Energy Systems Engineering is a specialty section of Frontiers in Energy Research. Please read more about the section...

Engineering > Energy Research > Process and Energy Systems Engineering

Keywords: energy systems integration, Life-cycle Assessment, exergy, Emergy, material flow analysis

Posted by: Frontiers

Posted on: 05 May 2014

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