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Institutional partnerships for funder organizations

As a funder organization, you play an important part in enabling open-access publishing for researchers. Our institutional partnerships support you and your grantees with increased access to high-quality research, allowing you to stay up to date on the latest developments.

Enhanced collaboration for impact

The Frontiers Institutional Partnerships program fosters agreements between universities and/or research institutions to encourage open-access knowledge exchange. Our partnerships bring enhanced collaboration, resource sharing, and optimized funding opportunities, which leads to more impactful research outcomes.

  • You'll maximize your organization's research impact by enabling access to high-quality articles and high-impact journals while building upon the findings of the research you fund.

  • You'll strengthen your mission to advance science and serve the public interest by removing publishing barriers to high-value research.

  • You'll have access to an innovative platform to influence publishing standards, copyright policies, and pricing models while advocating for changes that align with your mission and values.

  • Your organization will benefit from cost-saving opportunities, reducing the cost of access to research. This will enable you to direct your budget to other important initiatives. 

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Financial and time-saving benefits

  • Your organization and authors could be eligible for a discount on article processing charges (APCs), depending on the agreement. 

  • You'll have access to a unique institutional dashboard that gives you insight into open-access uptake and expenditure with detailed data reports. 

  • You'll benefit from a reduced administrative burden with centralized communications from a dedicated account manager.

Transparent and collaborative agreements

Our partnerships are founded on transparency and collaboration. We understand that each institution has unique needs, so we provide you with personalized support to ensure a smooth experience throughout our agreement.

If you want to recommend our institutional plans to your librarian, fill in this recommendation form. If you are interested in setting up an institutional partnership and need some more information, please contact us today.