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How we work with our partners

Our institutional partnerships are focused on your institution's needs. So we have optimized how we work to tackle your challenges with new and creative solutions.

What makes our process unique?

Open access

We've always been an open-access publisher – our primary mission is to make science universally accessible. All articles we publish are immediately and permanently accessible online free of charge under a Creative Commons CC-BY license.

Partner and researcher centricity

Frontiers was founded by scientists, and our focus has always been to empower researchers and their institutions in the publishing process. It is our duty to support and empower you and your affiliated researchers in the best possible way so that, together, we can significantly contribute to the advancement of science

Our institutional partnerships give authors the benefit of having their article publishing charges (APCs) either discounted or fully covered by their institution, which can significantly reduce the cost of publishing for individual researchers.

Custom-built technology

We provide detailed reporting for our partners, allowing them to monitor and understand their researchers' publication activities, including article and author statistics. Leveraging software tools allows us to provide a rigorous, fast, and efficient service. This includes a one-of-a-kind institutional dashboard (available to current partners only) that shows real-time data, comprehensive reports on publishing trends, journal preference and other customizable metrics that our partners have deemed relevant.

Dedicated support

We want to build a collaborative and responsive relationship by understanding the goals and priorities of your institution and offering customized support to our institutional partners. This includes specific agreement types that best suit each institution, from reading and publishing deals to national agreements, as well as making our team of experts available so that they can help guide and manage your account. 

Research Topic publishing program

Our Research Topics are peer-reviewed article collections around cutting-edge research themes. Defined, managed, and led by renowned researchers, they stimulate collaboration and the acceleration of science. Many of our partnerships give institutions an option to run their own Research Topic, which is an expert-led collection of articles focused on a specific field of study, promoting visibility for both the institution and its researchers.

Speak with our partnerships team

What this means for you

Our partnerships are founded on transparency and collaboration. We understand that each institution has unique needs, so we provide you with personalized support to ensure a smooth experience throughout our agreement.

  • You'll have access to customized tools and support in allocating open-access funding for equitable access.

  • You'll receive training sessions and a dedicated account manager to maximize the effective use of open-access resources.

Together, we'll also explore the different goals and opportunities based on your institution's research focus, faculty interests, and overall mission and values.

Transparent and collaborative agreements

If you want to recommend our institutional plans to your librarian, fill in this recommendation form. If you are interested in setting up an institutional partnership and need some more information, please contact us today.