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Our institutional payment options

We offer flexible and entirely predictable payment models for all institutional partners. These plans ensure that you can allocate resources effectively while supporting open-access initiatives.

Our models offer a flexible and cost-effective approach to managing your institution's publishing activities, allowing you to focus more on disseminating impactful research.

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The right plan for you

Not all partner institutions have the same financial resources or funding structures. Our institutional payment models accommodate these differences by allowing institutions to choose the funding approach that aligns with their financial situation and goals.

Each institutional model provides a unique way to reduce the burden on researchers by eliminating the need to handle individual APC payments.

Transparent and collaborative agreements

Our partnerships are founded on transparency and collaboration. We understand that each institution has unique needs, so we provide you with personalized support to ensure a smooth experience throughout our agreement.

If you want to recommend our institutional plans to your librarian, fill in this recommendation form. If you are interested in setting up an institutional partnership and need some more information, please contact us today.