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Front. Med., 13 April 2023
Sec. Pulmonary Medicine
Volume 10 - 2023 |

Corrigendum: Post-COVID-19 interstitial lung disease: Insights from a machine learning radiographic model

Theodoros Karampitsakos1 Vasilina Sotiropoulou1 Matthaios Katsaras1 Panagiota Tsiri1 Vasiliki E. Georgakopoulou2 Ilias C. Papanikolaou3 Eleni Bibaki4 Ioannis Tomos5 Irini Lambiri4 Ourania Papaioannou1 Eirini Zarkadi1 Emmanouil Antonakis3 Aggeliki Pandi3 Elli Malakounidou1 Fotios Sampsonas1 Sotiria Makrodimitri2 Serafeim Chrysikos5 Georgios Hillas5 Katerina Dimakou5 Nikolaos Tzanakis4 Nikolaos V. Sipsas2,6 Katerina Antoniou4 Argyris Tzouvelekis1*
  • 1Department of Respiratory Medicine, University General Hospital of Patras, Patras, Greece
  • 2Department of Infectious Diseases-COVID-19 Unit, Laiko General Hospital, Athens, Greece
  • 3Department of Respiratory Medicine, Corfu General Hospital, Corfu, Greece
  • 4Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Pneumonology, Department of Thoracic Medicine, Medical School, University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece
  • 55th Department of Respiratory Medicine, Hospital for Thoracic Diseases, ‘SOTIRIA', Athens, Greece
  • 6Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Zografou, Greece

A corrigendum on
Post-COVID-19 interstitial lung disease: Insights from a machine learning radiographic model

by Karampitsakos, T., Sotiropoulou, V., Katsaras, M., Tsiri, P., Georgakopoulou, V. E., Papanikolaou, I. C., Bibaki, E., Tomos, I., Lambiri, I., Papaioannou, O., Zarkadi, E., Antonakis, E., Pandi, A., Malakounidou, E., Sampsonas, F., Makrodimitri, S., Chrysikos, S., Hillas, G., Dimakou, K., Tzanakis, N., Sipsas, N. V., Antoniou, K., and Tzouvelekis, A. (2023). Front. Med. 9:1083264. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2022.1083264

In the published article, the Funding statement was not reported. The correct Funding statement appears below.


The publication fees of this manuscript have been financed by the Research Council of the University of Patras.

The authors apologize for this error and state that this does not change the scientific conclusions of the article in any way. The original article has been updated.

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Keywords: post-COVID-19, long COVID, interstitial lung disease, antifibrotics, machine learning

Citation: Karampitsakos T, Sotiropoulou V, Katsaras M, Tsiri P, Georgakopoulou VE, Papanikolaou IC, Bibaki E, Tomos I, Lambiri I, Papaioannou O, Zarkadi E, Antonakis E, Pandi A, Malakounidou E, Sampsonas F, Makrodimitri S, Chrysikos S, Hillas G, Dimakou K, Tzanakis N, Sipsas NV, Antoniou K and Tzouvelekis A (2023) Corrigendum: Post-COVID-19 interstitial lung disease: Insights from a machine learning radiographic model. Front. Med. 10:1194925. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2023.1194925

Received: 27 March 2023; Accepted: 28 March 2023;
Published: 13 April 2023.

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Frontiers Editorial Office, Frontiers Media SA, Switzerland

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*Correspondence: Argyris Tzouvelekis,;

These authors have contributed equally to this work and share first authorship