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Front. Cell. Neurosci. | doi: 10.3389/fncel.2019.00462

Corrigendum: Genes and Mechanisms Involved in the Generation and Amplification of Basal Radial Glial Cells

  • 1INSERM U839 Institut du Fer à Moulin, France
  • 2Hector Institute for Translational Brain Research, Central Institute of Mental Health (ZI), Germany

[…] ARHGAP11B was later expressed by in utero electroporation in the ferret embryo at E33, where bRGs are naturally abundant (Kalebic et al., 2018).[…] Consequently, ARHGAP11B increased the proportion of upper layer neurons with an increased proportion of Satb2+ neurons (Kalebic et al., 2018).The reference Kalebic et al., 2018* has been re-inserted in the reference list.The authors apologize for this error and state that this does not change the scientific conclusions of the article in any way. The original article has been updated. *Kalebic, N., Gilardi, C., Albert, M., Namba, T., Long, K. R., Kostic, M., et al. (2018). Humanspecific ARHGAP11B induces hallmarks of neocortical expansion in developing ferret neocortex. Elife, 395830. doi:10.7554/eLife.41241.

Keywords: Cortical development, neural progenitor cells, Basal radial glia, Cell Division, spindle orientation, Adhesion, Signaling Pathways

Received: 12 Sep 2019; Accepted: 30 Sep 2019.

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* Correspondence:
Mx. Richard Belvindrah, INSERM U839 Institut du Fer à Moulin, Paris, 75005, Ile-de-France, France,
Mx. Fiona Francis, INSERM U839 Institut du Fer à Moulin, Paris, 75005, Ile-de-France, France,