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Genetic Kidney Diseases of Childhood

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Front. Pediatr. | doi: 10.3389/fped.2018.00043

Update on genetic conditions affecting the skin and the kidneys

 Antonia Reimer1, Yinghong He1 and  Cristina Has1*
  • 1Dermatology, Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, Germany

Genetic conditions affecting the skin and kidney are clinically and genetically heterogeneous, and target molecular components present in both organs. The molecular pathology involves defects of cell-matrix adhesion, metabolic or signaling pathways, as well as tumor suppressor genes. This article gives a clinically oriented overview of this group of disorders, highlighting entities which have been recently described, as well as the progress made in understanding well-known entities. The genetic bases, as well as molecular cell biological mechanisms are described, with therapeutic applications.

Keywords: Epidermolysis Bullosa, Mosaicism, Genodermatosis, Kidney, Mutation, Rasopathy, Nevus, Renal anomaly

Received: 26 Oct 2017; Accepted: 14 Feb 2018.

Edited by:

Miriam Schmidts, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands

Reviewed by:

Katja Höpker, University Hospital Cologne, Germany
Roman-Ulrich Mueller, University Hospital Cologne, Germany  

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* Correspondence: Prof. Cristina Has, Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, Dermatology, Hauptstr. 7, Freiburg, 79104, Germany,