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How to Keep Depression at Bay When You Are Disabled

How to Keep Depression at Bay When You Are Disabled

Depression can affect your energy, sleep, and appetite. It can also affect your physical health. However, you can take several steps to prevent depression, irrespective of the challenges that you face due to disability.

Without sound mental health, it is difficult to cope with disability. However, mental health problems like depression and stress are secondary health conditions in people with disabilities. The changes that come with disability – dependence on others, the inability to earn income, isolation, and medical problems – can lead to depression.

Depression can affect your energy, sleep, and appetite. It can also affect your physical health. However, you can take several steps to prevent depression, irrespective of the challenges that you face due to disability.

Here are 15 simple and effective ways to keep depression at bay, when you are disabled.

1. Do What You Love

Indulging in activities that you love can enhance your mood and help you relieve stress. It can distract your mind from negative thoughts and help you prevent depression. It can also prevent weight-gain due to stress-related eating.

2. Style Up

Add style to the way you look by using trendy adaptive clothing and unique accessories. It is one of the most effective ways to prevent depression. It will keep you motivated and boost your self-worth.

Book an appointment with your favorite beauty salon and get yourself treated with beauty treatments to look your best.

3. Spend Some Time Outside

Spend some time outside your home to keep your mind occupied and prevent yourself from slipping into depression. Start gardening, as it will help you burn calories, prevent obesity, and make you feel fresh and active.

You can also plan a pleasure trip to an exotic holiday destination or go shopping at your local store. Assistive vehicles like the Pride Go Go scooter can solve your mobility issues and enable you to travel to places you like.

4. Go Online

Go online and you will find many who are battling the challenges of disability. You can also use the Internet to stay in touch with old friends, make new friends, shop items on your wish list, or join an online support group. Sharing thoughts with them may help you manage your medical condition in a better way and prevent you from depression.

5. Drop the Negative Word Habit

When you are not healthy, you tend to think negative. Gradually, you start including negative words in your speech and fall victim to depression. By avoiding such words in your speech, you can stay positive and healthy.

6. Work for a Social Cause

Channelize your energy in promoting a social cause. You can raise funds, provide counseling, paint banners, or organize events that can aid a social cause.

This will make you physically and socially active. Moreover, it will boost your self-esteem and help you avoid negative thoughts that lead to depression.

7. Change the Appearance of Your Room

Most disabled people confine themselves to their private corner. A closed room with dull colors and improper lighting induces negative thinking.

Rearrange the decor of your room, spice it up with colorful things, and let the natural light and fresh air come inside your room. Changing the appearance of your room will make you feel energetic and help you stay away from depression.

8. Switch to Healthy Food

At times medication, pain, and stress may affect your eating habits. You tend to eat more than required and unhealthy snacking becomes part of your routine. This can affect the hormonal balance of your body and lead to depression.

Switch to healthy food to stay happy and energetic. Add fruit and vegetable juices, herbal tea, and food rich in anti-oxidants to your diet.

9. Avoid Being Lonely

When you are alone, all sorts of negative thoughts start coming to your mind. You start regretting your disability and everything associated with it, which results in depression and even suicidal thoughts.

Instead, spend time with positive people. They will motivate and help you face the challenges of disability more effectively. You may soon feel that life is still the same and may be better than before.

10. Relax Your Body

Relax your body to relieve stress and stay away from depression. Have at least eight hours of nighttime sleep to calm your aching muscles and boost metabolism.

You can get a multi-position chair like the Pride lift chair to lounge, listen to your favorite music, or watch television. Its comfortable design and smooth lift system can help you change positions and prevent body sores.

You can also pamper yourself with a spa treatment, which will leave you bursting with energy and ease pain.

11. Help Others

Helping others can keep you motivated and avoid depression. It can also boost your self-confidence and may give purpose to your life. Make a resolution to help at least one person daily in any manner.

12. Get a Dog

A dog is an adorable pet. It has the ability to adapt to the lifestyle of its owner. A dog can be your fitness trainer, best friend, and motivator.

You can never feel alone in the company of a dog. You can spend time with a dog and stay away from depression.

13. Be with Kids

Kids are full of enthusiasm. Playing with kids can make you feel energetic and distract you from thoughts that cause depression. They act as stress-busters and can inspire you to stay happy.

14. Use Innovative Gadgets

Several innovative gadgets are designed to make life easier for disabled people. They act as assistive tools to make you self-reliant and self-confident. Take advantage of them and avoid depression due to low self-esteem.

15. Do Not Hide Anything From Doctor

Some health conditions that may appear normal to you may point out to some chronic illness like depression. Before every health check-up make a list of health problems that you are facing since the last check-up. This way, you will not miss any important health issue and help doctor diagnose your chronic illness at an early stage.


Stay away from depression and increase your chances of recovery from disability. Follow these tips to keep depression at bay and maintain the zing in your life.

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