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Most viewed Physiology articles in April 2015

Most viewed Physiology articles in April 2015

Catch up with the most viewed articles from Frontiers in Physiology this April. All are Open Access - enjoy!
Netrin-5 is highly expressed in neurogenic regions of the adult brain
Satoru Yamagishi*, Kohei Yamada, Masato Sawada, Suguru Nakano, Norio Mori, Kazunobu Sawamoto* and Kohji Sato
Eugene Rurangwa, Detmer Sipkema, Jeroen Kals, Menno ter Veld, Maria Forlenza, Gianina M. Bacanu, Hauke Smidt and Arjan P. Palstra*

The interplay between aerobic metabolism and antipredator performance: vigilance is related to recovery rate after exercise
Shaun S. Killen*, Donald Reid , Stefano Marras and Paolo Domenici

Altered β1-3-adrenoceptor influence on α2-adrenoceptor-mediated control of catecholamine release and vascular tension in hypertensive rats
Torill Berg*

Chronic sustained hypoxia-induced redox remodeling causes contractile dysfunction in mouse sternohyoid muscle
Philip Lewis, David Sheehan, Renata Soares, Ana Varela Coelho and Ken D. O'Halloran*

Cholesterol removal from adult skeletal muscle impairs excitation–contraction coupling and aging reduces caveolin-3 and alters the expression of other triadic proteins
Genaro Barrientos, Paola Llanos, Jorge Hidalgo, Pura Bolaños, Carlo Caputo, Alexander Riquelme, Gina Sánchez, Andrew F. G. Quest and Cecilia Hidalgo*

Proteomic analysis of media from lung cancer cells reveals role of 14-3-3 proteins in cachexia
Julie B. McLean, Jennifer S. Moylan, Erin M. W. Horrell and Francisco H. Andrade *

Exercise ameliorates high fat diet induced cardiac dysfunction by increasing interleukin 10
Varun Kesherwani, Vishalakshi Chavali, Bryan T. Hackfort, Suresh C. Tyagi and Paras K. Mishra*
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