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Most viewed Psychology articles in March 2015

Most viewed Psychology articles in March 2015

Catch up with the most viewed articles from Frontiers in Psychology this March. All are Open Access - enjoy!
Chronologically organised structure in autobiographical memory search
Iva K. Brunec, Martin J. Chadwick, Amir-Homayoun Javadi, Ling Guo, Charlotte P. Malcolm and Hugo J. Spiers*

Intrusions of a drowsy mind: neural markers of phenomenological unpredictability
Valdas Noreika*, Andrés Canales-Johnson, Justin Koh, Mae Taylor, Irving Massey and Tristan A. Bekinschtein

Dimensions of emotional intelligence related to physical and mental health and to health behaviors
Enrique G. Fernández-Abascal* and María Dolores Martín-Díaz

Larger hippocampal dimensions in meditation practitioners: differential effects in women and men
Eileen Luders*, Paul M. Thompson and Florian Kurth

Searching for flavor labels in food products: the influence of color-flavor congruence and association strength
Carlos Velasco*, Xiaoang Wan, Klemens Knoeferle, Xi Zhou, Alejandro Salgado-Montejo and Charles Spence

Facial feedback affects valence judgments of dynamic and static emotional expressions
Sylwia Hyniewska* and Wataru Sato
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