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The Important Role of the Compressor Valve

The Important Role of the Compressor Valve

If you have ever used a machine that moves liquid, gas or air through its components, then you have come across compressor valves at some point

If you have ever used a machine that moves liquid, gas or air through its components, then you have come across compressor valves at some point. There are many different devices that use this type of valve. Although it seems like a small part, without it, machines with compressors built into them would not be able to function properly. What exactly does this valve do?


What Does It Do?


Within the compressor, there is usually a piston and a crankshaft. The crankshaft has the ability to turn while the piston can move up and down. As the liquid, gas, or air move through the compressor, the valves open and close to let the substances in or out, depending on their function. There are two different types of compressor valves, each built to let a substance in or out:


·         Suction: These valves control substance flow in to the compressor.

·         Discharge: These valves control substance flow out of the compressor.


As the piston rises and falls, the valves open and close in a rotation to let a substance through. As the piston moves down, the suction valve opens up to suck in the substance. This is due to the pressure change created from room being available over the piston. As the piston reaches its lowest point, the suction valve closes. The substance starts to become compressed as the piston then moves up. This increased pressure opens the discharge valve, allowing the substance out. When the piston reaches its highest point, the discharge valve closes again.


Where Do You Find Compressor Valves?


Compressor valves are used in any machine that has any sort of compressor in it. You have probably used a machine with a compressor valve in it at some point today. Cars use compressor valves, as well as just about any machine that requires liquid, air or gas to be pumped through it. These devices may operate differently depending on their structure and material. Differing valves may include:


·         Spring-loaded

·         Finger

·         Plate


Air compressors, refrigerators, and the air conditioning in your car are examples of devices that use compressor valves in one form or another.


What if the Valve Breaks?


Given the location of the valve, it can seem like a real nuisance if it breaks. The design of compressors requires that a person understands pressure and force as it applies to the enclosed system. It is vital that valves are designed to withstand the pressure and use it is bound to go through. It is not unheard of for valves to fall apart, however, though it may not happen as often as some people expect. If it breaks or fails, it will likely need to be replaced by a new valve of similar quality. Many designers try to keep this in mind and create a system that allows for easier access to the valves in case one breaks,


Compressor Valves Are Important to Compressor Function


Compressor valves are an essential part of a compressor. Without these valves, the system cannot work as it was intended. How important is the roles of the compressor valve? To be short, it is extremely important. You basically only need it if you want your compressor system to function the way it should.

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