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Manuscript Submission Deadline 28 October 2023
Manuscript Extension Submission Deadline 01 March 2024

This Research Topic is part of a series with:

Advances in Drug-induced Diseases: Volume I

Drug-induced diseases are adverse effects of drugs that are serious enough for ...

This Research Topic is part of a series with:

Advances in Drug-induced Diseases: Volume I

Drug-induced diseases are adverse effects of drugs that are serious enough for patients. A new drug’s safety profile generally has been fully defined prior to its approval. Unfortunately, some severe adverse drug reactions (ADRs), which appear at very low frequencies, appear when the drug is exposed to a large population. These severe ADRs, that is, drug-induced diseases, should be noticed. Pharmacovigilance is well established in many countries to avoid or minimize the harm of drugs. Spontaneous reporting system developed to collect reports of suspicious ADRs is an essential part of pharmacovigilance. In addition, database studies, risk management plans, and warnings are also used to uncover new ADRs. However, ADRs are still vastly underreported across healthcare settings and sectors, including severe ADRs. Additional activities and strategies are expected to help recognize ADRs and reduce drug-induced diseases.

This Research Topic aims to make a clinical and basic profile of drug-induced diseases, including the epidemiology, mechanism, and outcome. It is also devoted to uncovering new ADRs, especially rare or serious ones. We will explore the reason that causes drug-induced diseases, such as drug-drug interactions, drug metabolism and transport, and the genetic basis of individuals. Furthermore, this topic encourages researchers to report new strategies to deal with drug-induced diseases and help authorities build policies to reduce drug-induced diseases.

We encourage authors to submit Original Research, Systematic Review, Review, Opinion, and Perspective articles, in the following subtopics, but not limited to:

• Assess the epidemiology of ADRs and drug-induced diseases

• Monitor the clinical safety problems associated with the use of medications

• Monitor drug-drug interactions to avoid preventable medication errors

• Explore the relationship between drug-induced diseases and drug metabolism and transport

• Investigate the genetic basis of inter individual differences in ADRs

• Evaluate the impact of the strategies to reduce the harm of medication

• Evaluate the knowledge and attitude of the health care professionals about ADRs

In addition, the research will be considered for peer-review only if the drug is registered and available to be used.

Keywords: drug-induced diseases, drug safety, drug adverse reactions, toxicity, pharmacovigilance

Important Note: All contributions to this Research Topic must be within the scope of the section and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements. Frontiers reserves the right to guide an out-of-scope manuscript to a more suitable section or journal at any stage of peer review.

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