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Most viewed Neuroscience articles in April 2015

Most viewed Neuroscience articles in April 2015

The most viewed articles from the "Frontiers in" Neuroscience journals from April 2015. All articles are Open Access - enjoy!
From grid cells and visual place cells to multimodal place cell: a new robotic architecture
Adrien Jauffret*, Nicolas Cuperlier and Philippe Gaussier

Age-related striatal BOLD changes without changes in behavioral loss aversion
Vijay Viswanathan, Sang Lee, Jodi M. Gilman, Byoung Woo Kim, Nick Lee, Laura Chamberlain, Sherri L. Livengood, Kalyan Raman, Myung Joo Lee, Jake Kuster, Daniel B. Stern, and Bobby Calder, Frank J. Mulhern, Anne J. Blood and Hans C. Breiter*

Modulation of the COMT ValMet polymorphism on resting-state EEG power in postmenopausal healthy women

Silvia Solís-Ortiz*, Elva Pérez-Luque and Mayra Gutiérrez-Muñoz

Age-specific MRI brain and head templates for healthy adults from twenty through eighty-nine years of age
Paul T. Fillmore, Michelle C. Phillips-Meek and John E. Richards*

Restraint stress increases hemichannel activity in hippocampal glial cells and neurons
Juan A. Orellana*, Rodrigo Moraga-Amaro, Raúl Díaz-Galarce, Sebastián Rojas, Carola J. Maturana, Jimmy Stehberg and Juan C. Sáez

The effects of attention on the temporal integration of multisensory stimuli
Sarah E. Donohue*, Jessica J. Green and Marty G. Woldorff

Keeping an eye on the conductor: neural correlates of visuo-motor synchronization and musical experience

Kentaro Ono*, Akinori Nakamura and Burkhard Maess

Individual variability in the anatomical distribution of nodes participating in rich club structural networks

Madison Kocher, Ezequiel Gleichgerrcht, Travis Nesland, Chris Rorden, Julius Fridriksson, Maria V. Spampinato and Leonardo Bonilha*

Responses of neurons in the marmoset primary auditory cortex to interaural level differences: comparison of pure tones and vocalizations
Leo L. Lui*, Yasamin Mokri, David H. Reser, Marcello G. P. Rosa and Ramesh Rajan

Effects of silver nanoparticles on human and rat embryonic neural stem cells
Fang Liu*, Meena Mahmood, Yang Xu, Fumiya Watanabe, Alexandru S. Biris*, Deborah K. Hansen, Amy Inselman, Daniel Casciano, Tucker A. Patterson, Merle G. Paule, William Slikker Jr. and Cheng Wang
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