Most viewed Psychology articles in July 2015

Manipulation gesture effect in visual and auditory presentations: the link between tools in perceptual and motor tasksAmandine E Rey*, Kévin Roche*, Rémy Versace, and Hanna Chainay

 Audiovisual crossmodal cuing effects in front and rear spaceJae Lee*, and Charles Spence

 Self-reported sleep duration mitigates the association between inflammation and cognitive functioning in hospitalized older menJoseph Michael Dzierzewski*, Yeonsu Song, Constance H. Fung, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Stella Jouldjian, Cathy A. Alessi, Elizabeth C. Breen, Michael R. Irwin, and Jennifer L. Martin

 Olfactory asymmetric dysfunction in early Parkinson patients affected by unilateral disorderGesualdo M Zucco*, Francesco Rovatti, and Richard J. Stevenson

 Deceit and facial expression in children: the enabling role of the “poker face” child and the dependent personality of the detectorMarien Gadea*, Marta Aliño, Raúl Espert, and Alicia Salvador

 Deriving meaning from others’ emotions: attribution, appraisal, and the use of emotions as social informationEvert A. van Doorn*, Gerben A. van Kleef*, and Joop van der Pligt

 Cognitive training for children with ADHD: a randomized controlled trial of cogmed working memory training and ‘paying attention in class’Marthe Van Der Donk*, Anne-Claire Hiemstra-Beernink, Ariane Tjeenk-Kalff, Aryan Van Der Leij, and Ramón Lindauer

 Engagement in dance is associated with emotional competence in interplay with othersEva Bojner Horwitz*, Anna-Karin Lennartsson, Töres P.G. Theorell, and Fredrik Ullén

 One size does not fit all: older adults benefit from redundant text in multimedia instructionBarbara Fenesi, Susan Vandermorris, Joseph A. Kim, David I. Shore, and Jennifer J. Heisz*

 Investigating the role of self-construal in the formation of entrepreneurial intentionsLeonidas A Zampetakis*, Konstantinos Kafetsios, Manolis Lerakis, and Vassilis Moustakis