Most viewed Psychology articles in July 2016

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Realistic Expectations in STEM Students: Paradoxical Effects of a Motivational InterventionNathan C. Hall* and Anna Sverdlik

The Experience of Depression during the Careers of Elite Male AthletesSteve Doherty, Barbara Hannigan and Mark J. Campbell*

Smartphone-Based Psychotherapeutic Micro-Interventions to Improve Mood in a Real-World SettingGunther Meinlschmidt, Jong-Hwan Lee, Esther Stalujanis, Angelo Belardi, Minkyung Oh, Eun Kyung Jung, Hyun-Chul Kim, Janine Alfano, Seung-Schik Yoo and Marion Tegethoff*

How Many Words Do We Know? Practical Estimates of Vocabulary Size Dependent on Word Definition, the Degree of Language Input and the Participant’s AgeMarc Brysbaert*, Michaël Stevens, Paweł Mandera and Emmanuel Keuleers

Cultural Affordances: Scaffolding Local Worlds Through Shared Intentionality and Regimes of AttentionMaxwell J. D. Ramstead*, Samuel P. L. Veissière* and Laurence J. Kirmayer*

Disorganization, COMT, and Children’s Social Behavior: The Norwegian Hypothesis of Legacy of Disorganized AttachmentZhi Li*, Beate W. Hygen, Keith F. Widaman, Turid S. Berg-Nielsen, Lars Wichstrøm and Jay Belsky

The Phantom Vanish Magic Trick: Investigating the Disappearance of a Non-existent Object in a Dynamic SceneMatthew L. Tompkins*, Andy T. Woods and Anne M. Aimola Davies*

Pay What You Want! A Pilot Study on Neural Correlates of Voluntary Payments for MusicSimon Waskow, Sebastian Markett*, Christian Montag*, Bernd Weber, Peter Trautner, Volkmar Kramarz and Martin Reuter

U Can Touch This: How Tablets Can Be Used to Study Cognitive DevelopmentKilian Semmelmann*, Marisa Nordt, Katharina Sommer, Rebecka Röhnke, Luzie Mount, Helen Prüfer, Sophia Terwiel, Tobias W. Meissner, Kami Koldewyn and Sarah Weigelt

Holding Back the Tears: Individual Differences in Adult Crying Proneness Reflect Attachment Orientation and Attitudes to CryingAbigail Millings*, Erica G. Hepper, Claire M. Hart, Louise Swift and Angela C. Rowe