Frontiers in Education welcomes new Field Chief Editor

Frontiers in Education welcomes new Field Chief Editor
Frontiers in Education welcomes new Field Chief Editor Margaret Grogan

Frontiers in Educationis delighted to announce the appointment of our new Field Chief Editor, Professor Margaret Grogan.

Professor Grogan is Dean of the College of Educational Studies, at Chapman University, California. In addition to holding various leadership positions at her institutions and in professional organizations, she is Specialty Chief Editor of Frontiers in Education’s Leadership in Education section. Her focus on women in leadership, gender and education, the moral and ethical dimensions of leadership, and leadership for social justice is reflected in her vision for the journal.

Professor Grogan explains that the challenges that Education as a field faces vary greatly worldwide, and between countries. These include:

  • Lack of student access to formal education, and discrimination based on individual markers such as race, gender, socio-economic status, sexuality, religious affiliation, and cognitive/physical ability, and state/regional conditions of violence and political conflict, and the intersections of all the above

  • Lack of public resources and/or uneven distribution of public resources for schools and colleges

  • Inadequate teacher pay and unsupportive teaching conditions

  • Outdated teaching technologies and inadequate facilities

  • Narrowly-conceived accountability measures and other policy mechanisms that inhibit student learning and/or full access to educational opportunity

  • Continued reliance on traditional state and local educational systems that no longer serve students and families

  • Under-utilization of innovative instructional approaches that have the potential to revolutionize teaching and learning across all sectors

  • Lack of well-designed, empirical studies of education that benefit from global perspectives.

It is in this context, maintaining focus as “a high-quality, research-based, scholarly forum for international discussion about issues in Pre-K—16 education”, that Frontiers in Education offers the opportunity to work on these challenges together, as a journal with a global reach.

“Such a forum encourages all philosophical points of view, grounded primarily in sound empirical research, utilizing a variety of methodologies,” says Professor Grogan.

The Frontiers in Education team looks forward to taking the journal from strength to strength under Professor Grogan’s guidance.