Prof Giuseppe Remuzzi heads new Renal Pharmacology specialty section

Frontiers in Pharmacology: Prof Giuseppe Remuzzi heads new Renal Pharmacology specialty section

The latest Frontiers in Pharmacology section promotes cutting-edge discoveries contributing to the goal of eliminating renal dialyses and deaths from kidney diseases. Image: Shutterstock

Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi, Chief Editor of the new Renal Pharmacology section of Frontiers in Pharmacology, is at the forefront of developing treatments to treat and prevent chronic kidney diseases.

— By Alessandra Conte and Rossella Rebecchi

Frontiers in Pharmacology welcomes Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi — the most-cited clinical researcher in Italy and one of the world’s most influential clinicians — as Specialty Chief Editor of the new Renal Pharmacology section. He heads the Division of Nephrology and Dialysis at Bergamo Hospital, while also working as Director of Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research and the affiliated Clinical Research Center for Rare Diseases “Aldo e Cele Daccò.”

Chronic kidney diseases are an increasing threat to human health around the world. More than 300 million people suffer from these conditions worldwide, 2.6 million patients depend on dialysis and in 2010 alone, 7 million people died prematurely because they did not have access to renal replacement therapy. With no specific cure as yet, openly available new scientific discoveries represent a vital opportunity to apply precision medicine in nephrology research — to the benefit of the entire world population.

Prof Remuzzi is at the forefront of developing treatments to treat and prevent chronic kidney diseases: it is thanks to his life-saving discoveries that Ramipril and ACE II receptor blockers are now part of current standard preventive treatments.

His research efforts also revealed that receptor blockers have the potential to treat not only hypertension, but kidney disorders too — making a revolutionary step forward in repurposing already known drugs to slow the progression of chronic kidney diseases. Recently Prof Remuzzi focused on the use of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) as a novel therapy both in the cure of renal diseases and in solid organ transplantation. Moreover, he has provided significant insights in defining innovative therapeutic interventions for regenerative medicine.

“Open Access is key for the transparent publication of research that spreads cutting-edge discoveries worldwide,” says Prof Remuzzi. His goal is “to live in a world where no more deaths are caused by kidney diseases and where renal dialyses will no longer be necessary.”

Frontiers in Pharmacology warmly welcomes Professor Remuzzi and looks forward to working in partnership to develop and grow this unique open-access outlet for life-saving renal research.

Renal Pharmacology welcomes high-quality article submissions and Research Topic proposals on experimental and clinical research and evidence-based studies, in the areas of genetic pharmacology, innovative biologics and drugs, and cell-based approaches for acute and chronic renal disease and kidney transplantation.

Two special article collections are currently open for submissions:

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