Discovering our brain through Neuropsychology

neuropsychological test for cognitive function

— by Rossella Rebecchi

Neuropsychology investigates how the human brain influences cognitive functions and behaviors. Thanks to its strict collaboration with various medical fields, such as neurology, endocrinology, geriatrics and pediatrics, this discipline is making strides in preventing brain diseases, cognitive rehabilitation and in promoting healthy ageing. Neuropsychology also has made close links with technology-focused fields such as ICT, IoT and Big Data. These technologies help create new diagnostic algorithms which are already having a big impact on Neuroscience and Neurology.

Unawareness of Illness in Neurological Disorders: A Focussed Neurocognitive Approach shedding light on Neuropsychological Deficits and Neural Underpinnings Potential Association and Physical and Cognitive Frailty in the Elderly: An Interdisciplinary Approach are now open for submissions. Sign up for article alerts to receive the latest research.

Professor Martina Amanzio, Specialty Chief Editor for this new section of Frontiers in Psychology, and Dr. Sara Palermo, Assistant Specialty Chief Editor, highlight how much Neuropsychology is able to improve general well being and quality of life.

“Neuropsychology would not be able to contribute as much as it can now to improving human well-being without new technologies and without open access. The use of neuropsychological tools, test batteries, brain imaging and cognitive electrophysiology will help us to explore new aspects of cognition and human behavior,” says Professor Amanzio.

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