Is the circular economy the solution to creating sustainable food systems?

We all know food brings people together and building sustainable food systems can bring us even closer, improving the health of our planet and our communities. This is the mission that drives Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems and is also taking centre stage at the upcoming Big Food Workshop. In a series of online events from 15th – 17th June 2020, organized by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a variety of speakers will deep dive into the circular economy and its potential for transforming our food systems.

A food system includes all aspects of producing and delivering food to people, from production or wild harvest, to processing, marketing, distribution, consumption, recycling and disposal. From climate change to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our food systems face significant challenges.

As Prof. Claire Kremen, Field Chief Editor of Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, explains -  transforming our food systems requires out-of-the-box thinking. Big Food Workshop includes speakers with backgrounds across food systems, from policymakers to chefs, creating a unique opportunity to look at the big picture and prompt conversation around constructive change.

Big Food Workshop will look at our food systems through the lens of the city, the eatery, and the meal. Speakers include Harriet Friedmann of Toronto Food Policy Council, Mokgadi Itsweng of Lotsha Home Foods, Patrick Holden of Sustainable Food Trust, and many more. There will also be opportunities for feedback and discussion. To learn more, visit the Big Food Workshop.