Frontiers launches new section in partnership with the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics 

Gold open access publisher Frontiers and the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), a renowned biomedical and educational non-profit organization, have signed a new agreement aimed at advancing brain mapping and therapeutics research.  

Credit: Frontiers

Building on a shared commitment to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and driving scientific discovery, Frontiers and SBMT are joining forces to create a forum to showcase the work of researchers, clinicians, engineers, policy makers and experts from diverse backgrounds. 

The collaboration will result in the launch of a new ‘Brain Mapping and Therapeutics’ section within Frontiers in Neurology and Frontiers in Psychiatry. The section will make a significant contribution to the understanding and treatment of brain disorders and, coupled with SBMT’s expertise in translational research and global neurotech policy, has great potential to bring direct benefit to patient care. 

The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics fosters interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration through the Neuroscience20 initiative of the G20 summit including the African union. It connects a global network of over two hundred and fifty thousand researchers and clinicians in the promotion of scientific discovery, education, and translational medicine. Its members’ work impacts patient care for Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, several types of brain and spine cancer, neurotrauma, and psychiatric and ophthalmological disorders. 

Dr. Babak Kateb, chairman of the board, CEO, and scientific director of SBMT and founding chief editor of ‘Brain Mapping and Therapeutics’ said: “We are delighted to partner with Frontiers to form one of the largest neurotech consortiums in the world. SBMT and its members have been at the forefront of neurotech innovation with pioneering research, technology, and policy. This collaboration shifts the paradigm to a multidisciplinary approach, rapidly introducing diagnostics and treatments for neurological, spine and neuro-psychiatric disorders.” 

Robyn Mugridge, head of publishing partnerships at Frontiers, said: “I’m pleased to welcome this new collaboration with SBMT which will help facilitate pioneering research and enable knowledge-sharing. We hope the new ‘Brain Mapping and Therapeutics’ section will have a transformative impact, providing a forum to showcase the most innovative research in the field.” 

The agreement was signed in August 2023 and the new ‘Brain Mapping and Therapeutics’ section is expected to open for submissions later this year. Topics may include neurotech policy, neurophotonics, quantum and neuromorphic computing, robotics, nanoneuroscience and nanoneurosurgery, brain computer interface, visual processing, AI-based brain and spinal implants, sensors, and stimulators, nanobioelectronics, stem cell and cellular therapy, genomic and proteomics amongst many others.  

Submitted work will also be considered for presentation at the SBMT 21st annual world congress which will take place on March 14-17 2024 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Downtown Los Angeles, California. 

About the Society for Brain Mapping & Therapeutics 

SBMT is a non-profit society organized for the purpose of encouraging basic and clinical scientists as well as engineers who are interested in the areas of brain mapping and therapeutics to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients afflicted with neurological disorders.  

The society promotes public welfare and improves patient care by translating new technologies into lifesaving diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. SBMT is committed to excellence in education and scientific discovery.  The society achieves its mission through multi-disciplinary collaborations with government agencies, patient advocacy groups, educational institutes, the private sector (industry), and philanthropic organizations.  

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