Frontiers in Psychiatry welcomes Prof Stefan Borgwardt in his new role as Field Chief Editor

Frontiers in Psychiatry is pleased to announce Prof Stefan Borgwardt as the journal’s new Field Chief Editor.

Stefan Borgwardt is professor at the University of Basel, and head of the Diagnostic and Crisis Intervention Centre at the Psychiatric University Hospital, UPK Basel, Switzerland. We asked about what prompted him to work as a psychiatrist and to learn more about his goals and mission for the journal:

Tell us a little about your research history. How did you end up doing what you are doing today?

My passion for psychiatry has led me to devote my research to a better understanding of the links between psychopathology and behaviour – a field that has extremely important societal implications and promotes the care of individuals with behavioural disturbances. My interest in research has been already set in motion by my parents – both chemists. Furthermore, during my civil service I’ve started working with people with mental diseases – a field that fascinates me since. The 2-year research fellowship at King’s College London, United Kingdom, allowed me to collaborate with researchers from all over the World and with different background and expertise. It was inspiring to witness how our individual areas of expertise can influence research directions and contribute to a larger picture.

Why did you decide to join Frontiers?

Since joining Frontiers in 2012, I very much like the vision of Frontiers that the research community itself leads the publications of their research findings. A good example is the interactive review process with Frontiers: it allows a direct, kind of real-time interaction between authors, editors and reviewers, whereas the editors and reviewers will be acknowledged with their names included on the published article. This wide transparency in the review process is something that is – to my knowledge – unique to Frontiers Journals. And I am convinced that this fair, open and transparent interaction between authors and reviewers is beneficial for the quality of the publications and thus, will contribute to the knowledge of the scientific community.

What are your goals for the journal?

My goal is to develop one of the leading journals in the field of psychiatry by building a driven community around the journal. Our target is to identify enthusiastic clinician scientists to lead Research Topics and new specialty sections, and welcome new members to the editorial board that would aim for the best quality and high ranked contributions in our field. To be part of this development, together with colleagues and friends, will make it a rewarding journey!

If you are interested in joining the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Psychiatry, or if you have any questions, please contact for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jessica Kandlbauer, PhDJournal ManagerFrontiers in