Most viewed Genetics articles in October 2015

Sorbitol treatment extends lifespan and induces the osmotic stress response in Caenorhabditis elegansDevon Chandler-Brown, Haeri Choi, Shirley Park, Billie R. Ocampo, Shiwen Chen, Anna Le, George L. Sutphin, Lara S. Shamieh, Erica D. Smith and Matt KaeberleinGenetic markers as a predictive tool based on statistics in medical practice: ethical considerations through the analysis of the use of HLA-B*27 in rheumatology in FranceHélène Colineaux*, Adeline Ruyssen-Witrand and Anne Cambon-Thomsen Association of SLC2A9 genotype with phenotypic variability of serum urate in pre-menopausal womenRuth K. Topless, Tanya J. Flynn, Murray Cadzow, Lisa K. Stamp, Nicola Dalbeth, Michael A. Black and Tony R. MerrimanPhenotypic variance explained by local ancestry in admixed African AmericansDaniel Shriner, Amy R. Bentley, Ayo P. Doumatey, Guanjie Chen, Jie Zhou, Adebowale Adeyemo and Charles N. RotimiCryptic relatedness in epidemiologic collections accessed for genetic association studies: experiences from the Epidemiologic Architecture for Genes Linked to Environment (EAGLE) study and the National Health and Nutrition Examination SurveyJennifer Malinowski, Robert Goodloe, Kristin Brown-Gentry and Dana C. CrawfordMechanisms of mutational robustness in transcriptional regulationJoshua L. Payne* and Andreas Wagner Moving from capstones towards cornerstones: successes and challenges in applying systems biology to identify mechanisms of autism spectrum disordersNathan Kopp, Sharlee Climer and Joseph D. DoughertyGenotype by environment interaction and breeding for robustness in livestockWendy M. Rauw* and Luis Gomez-Raya Genetics of the ovarian reserveEmanuele Pelosi*, Antonino Forabosco and David Schlessinger Mammary epithelial cells isolated from milk are a valuable, non-invasive source of mammary transcriptsMarion Boutinaud*, Lucile Herve and Vanessa Lollivier