Most viewed Physiology articles in October 2015

Computational implementation of a tunable multicellular memory circuit for engineered eukaryotic consortiaJosep Sardanyés, Adriano Bonforti, Nuria Conde, Ricard Sole* and Javier Macia*

Diagnostic ultrasound estimates of muscle mass and muscle quality discriminate between women with and without sarcopeniaCatheeja Ismail, Johannah Zabal, Haniel J. Hernandez, Paula Woletz, Heather Manning, Carla Teixeira, Loretta DiPietro, Marc R. Blackman and Michael O. Harris-Love*

Effect of oral nitrate supplementation on pulmonary hemodynamics during exercise and time trial performance in normoxia and hypoxia: a randomized controlled trialNicolas Bourdillon, Jui-Lin Fan, Barbara Uva, Hajo Muller, Philippe Meyer and Bengt Kayser*

Multitasking roles of mosquito labrum in oviposition and blood feedingYoung-Moo Choo, Garrison K. Buss, Kaiming Tan and Walter S. Leal*

RNA-Seq analysis of glycosylation related gene expression in STZ-induced diabetic rat kidney inner medullaXiaoqian Qian, Xuechen Li, Titilayo O. Ilori, Janet D. Klein, Rebecca P. Hughey, Cong-jun Li, Abdel A. Alli, Zhengyu Guo, Peng Yu, Xiang Song* and Guangping Chen*

Influence of aerobic exercise training on post-exercise responses of aortic pulse pressure and augmentation pressure in postmenopausal womenNobuhiko Akazawa, Song-Gyu Ra, Jun Sugawara and Seiji Maeda*

Flight control and landing precision in the nocturnal bee Megalopta is robust to large changes in light intensityEmily Baird*, Diana C. Fernandez, William T. Wcislo, and Eric J. Warrant

Spironolactone treatment attenuates vascular dysfunction in type 2 diabetic mice by decreasing oxidative stress and restoring NO/GC signalingMarcondes A. B. Silva, Thiago Bruder-Nascimento, Stêfany B. A. Cau, Rheure A. M. Lopes, Fabiola L. A. C. Mestriner, Rafael S. Fais, Rhian M. Touyz and Rita C. Tostes*

Respiratory kinematic and airflow differences between reflex and voluntary cough in healthy young adultsAlexandra E. Brandimore*, Michelle S. Troche, Jessica E. Huber and Karen W. Hegland

Polyamine regulates tolerance to water stress in leaves of white clover associated with antioxidant defense and dehydrin genes via involvement in calcium messenger system and hydrogen peroxide signalingZhou Li, Yan Zhang, Dandan Peng, Xiaojuan Wang, Yan Peng*, Xiaoshuang He, Xinquan Zhang, Xiao Ma, Linkai Huang and Yanhong Yan