Announcing the launch of Frontiers in Sociology

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the first specialty sections of Frontiers in Sociology, a new peer-reviewed, open-access journal:

The first social-sciences journal of the “Frontiers in” series, Frontiers in Sociology will foster cross-disciplinary work as well as fairness, transparency, and objectivity in the review process (see here for more details on the Frontiers publishing model and peer-review process). Further specialty sections will be added as the journal continues to develop, some of which are already under discussion and include:

  • Economic Sociology;

  • Political Sociology;

  • Medical Sociology;

  • Science and Technology Studies;

  • The Sociology of Education; and

  • The Sociology of Race, Ethnicity and Migration.

The launch of a new journal is always an exciting venture, and we would be happy to hear your thoughts or answer any questions you may have.

**Editorial Contact**Journal Manager: Yaelle BochatayE-mail: @FrontSociology

Contribute to the journalThere are a number of ways in which you might consider contributing to the journal, such as:

  • Applying to join the Editorial Board of a section as Associate or Review Editor;

  • Recommending a specialty section for inclusion in the journal;

  • Submitting a manuscript for consideration for publication in the journal (please consider applying for a fee waiver, should publishing fees not be covered by your grant); or

  • Proposing a Research Topic.

**About Frontiers**Founded in 2007, Frontiers provides an ecosystem of tools to generate and disseminate knowledge as widely as possible through an interdisciplinary, community-based publishing platform. We believe that everybody undertaking high-quality research should have the opportunity to contribute to and be evaluated by the scholarly community, and we now have journals in about 35 disciplines, some of which have rapidly risen to become the most cited open-access journals in their fields.