Most viewed Plant Science articles in May 2016

VESPUCCI: Exploring Patterns of Gene Expression in GrapevineMarco Moretto, Paolo Sonego, Stefania Pilati, Giulia Malacarne, Laura Costantini, Lukasz Grzeskowiak, Giorgia Bagagli, Maria Stella Grando, Claudio Moser and Kristof Engelen*

Trade-Offs between Economic and Environmental Impacts of Introducing Legumes into Cropping SystemsMoritz Reckling*, Göran Bergkvist, Christine A. Watson, Frederick L. Stoddard, Peter M. Zander, Robin L. Walker, Aurelio Pristeri, Ion Toncea and Johann Bachinger

Implication of Abscisic Acid on Ripening and Quality in Sweet Cherries: Differential Effects during Pre- and Post-harvestVerónica Tijero, Natalia Teribia, Paula Muñoz and Sergi Munné-Bosch*

Identification and Characterization of Erysiphe necator-Responsive MicroRNAs in Chinese Wild Vitis pseudoreticulata by High-Throughput SequencingLijuan Han, Kai Weng, Hui Ma, Gaoqing Xiang, Zhiqian Li, Yuejin Wang, Guotian Liu and Yan Xu*

Regulation of Plant Growth, Photosynthesis, Antioxidation and Osmosis by an Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus in Watermelon Seedlings under Well-Watered and Drought ConditionsYanling Mo, Yongqi Wang, Ruiping Yang, Junxian Zheng, Changming Liu, Hao Li, Jianxiang Ma, Yong Zhang, Chunhua Wei and Xian Zhang*

Characterization of Rice Homeobox Genes, OsHOX22 and OsHOX24, and Over-expression of OsHOX24 in Transgenic Arabidopsis Suggest Their Role in Abiotic Stress ResponseAnnapurna Bhattacharjee, Jitendra P. Khurana and Mukesh Jain*

Increased Virulence in Sunflower Broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) Populations from Southern Spain Is Associated with Greater Genetic DiversityAlberto Martín-Sanz, Jebri Malek, José M. Fernández-Martínez, Begoña Pérez-Vich and Leonardo Velasco*

Utilizing “Omic” Technologies to Identify and Prioritize Novel Sources of Resistance to the Oomycete Pathogen Phytophthora infestans in Potato Germplasm CollectionsPauline S. M. Van Weymers, Katie Baker, Xinwei Chen, Brian Harrower, David E. L. Cooke, Eleanor M. Gilroy, Paul R. J. Birch, Gaëtan J. A. Thilliez, Alison K. Lees, James S. Lynott, Miles R. Armstrong, Gaynor McKenzie, Glenn J. Bryan* and Ingo Hein*

Unraveling Aspects of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Mediated Enhanced Production of Rice under Biotic Stress of Rhizoctonia solaniSuchi Srivastava, Vidisha Bist, Sonal Srivastava, Poonam C. Singh, Prabodh K. Trivedi, Mehar H. Asif, Puneet S. Chauhan and Chandra S. Nautiyal*

A Novel Remote Sensing Approach for Prediction of Maize Yield Under Different Conditions of Nitrogen FertilizationOmar Vergara-Díaz, Mainassara A. Zaman-Allah, Benhildah Masuka, Alberto Hornero, Pablo Zarco-Tejada, Boddupalli M. Prasanna, Jill E. Cairns, and José L. Araus*[tied]

Trait Specific Expression Profiling of Salt Stress Responsive Genes in Diverse Rice Genotypes as Determined by Modified Significance Analysis of MicroarraysMohammad R. Hossain*, George W. Bassel, Jeremy Pritchard, Garima P. Sharma and Brian V. Ford-Lloyd[tied]