Most viewed Oncology articles in June 2016

Radiation-Induced Reprogramming of Pre-Senescent Mammary Epithelial Cells Enriches Putative CD44+/CD24−/low Stem Cell PhenotypeXuefeng Gao*, Brock J. Sishc*, Christopher B. Nelson, Philip Hahnfeldt, Susan M. Bailey and Lynn Hlatky

13C MRS and LC–MS Flux Analysis of Tumor Intermediary MetabolismAlexander A. Shestov*, Seung-Cheol Lee, Kavindra Nath, Lili Guo, David S. Nelson, Jeffrey C. Roman, Dennis B. Leeper, Mariusz A. Wasik, Ian A. Blair and Jerry D. Glickson*

Hypoxia on the Expression of Hepatoma Upregulated Protein in Prostate Cancer CellsIngrid Espinoza, Marcelo J. Sakiyama, Tangeng Ma, Logan Fair, Xinchun Zhou, Mohamed Hassan, Jovanny Zabaleta and Christian R. Gomez*

Opioid-Induced Constipation among a Convenience Sample of Patients with Cancer PainKarin S. Coyne, Chris Sexton, Robert J. LoCasale*, Frederic R. King, Mary Kay Margolis and Sam H. Ahmedzai

Short DNA Fragments Are a Hallmark of Heavy Charged-Particle Irradiation and May Underlie Their Greater Therapeutic EfficacyDalong Pang*, Sergey Chasovskikh, James E. Rodgers and Anatoly Dritschilo

Evaluation of Superconducting Magnet Shield Configurations for Long Duration Manned Space MissionsFilippo Ambroglini, Roberto Battiston and William J. Burger*

Age and Prostate-Specific Antigen Level Prior to Diagnosis Predict Risk of Death from Prostate CancerF. Roy MacKintosh, Preston C. Sprenkle*, Louise C. Walter, Lori Rawson, R. Jeffrey Karnes, Christopher H. Morrell, Michael W. Kattan, Cayce B. Nawaf and Thomas B. Neville

Overexpression of Specific CD44 Isoforms Is Associated with Aggressive Cell Features in Acquired Endocrine ResistanceRebecca Bellerby, Chris Smith, Sue Kyme, Julia Gee, Ursula Günthert, Andy Green, Emad Rakha, Peter Barrett-Lee and Stephen Hiscox*

Polymorphisms of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Pathway Genes and Breast Cancer RiskJoy Shi, Kristan J. Aronson, Anne Grundy, Lindsay C. Kobayashi, Igor Burstyn, Johanna M. Schuetz, Caroline A. Lohrisch, Sandip K. SenGupta, Agnes S. Lai, Angela Brooks-Wilson, John J. Spinelli and Harriet Richardson*

Tissue Microstructure Is Linked to MRI Parameters and Metabolite Levels in Prostate CancerKirsten Margrete Selnæs*, Riyas Vettukattil, Helena Bertilsson, Alan J. Wright, Arend Heerschap, Anders Angelsen, May-Britt Tessem and Tone Frost Bathen