Dynamical Systems new specialty section

Dynamical Systems is a new specialty section available through the community-driven open-access journal Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Led by Specialty Chief Editor Axel Hutt , senior researcher at the German Weather Service in Offenbach, Germany, the primary objective of this section is to provide a channel of communication among mathematicians, applied scientists and practitioners interested in the theory, methods and applications of dynamical systems and their use to model the time evolution of real systems.

The goal is to bring together, in one open-access journal, high quality papers on every aspect of this multidisciplinary field of sciences. We bring particular emphasis on qualitative and global analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems and related phenomena, with applications in physics, biology, engineering, social sciences, among others.

The editors consider that a qualitative theory of dynamical systems, with the related concepts of stability, bifurcations, attractors, is nowadays more and more widely used for the description, prediction and control of real world processes.

With this in mind, they define the scope of section as to provide a focus and catalyst for the dissemination and cross-fertilization of new ideas, principles, methodologies and techniques in the framework of the theory of dynamical systems, across a broad interdisciplinary front. Continuously evolving to respond to new areas and directions in modern approaches in science, technology and even humanities, the emerging field of “complexity” is embraced in its broader meaning.

The section publishes original research papers (Original Research, Methods, Hypothesis & Theory), as well as short communications (General Commentaries, Opinions, Data Report, Code) or review papers (Review, Mini-Review), on dynamic modeling setup, theoretical analysis, numerical simulation, comparison of theoretical and experimental results, possible novel applications of dynamical systems, and the description of nonlinear phenomena, in order to foster a rapid exchange of ideas and techniques in the interdisciplinary fields of dynamical systems, nonlinearity and complexity.

Topics of interest include continuous and discrete dynamical systems, represented by iterated functions, differential, difference or delay equations or considering random processes, their theoretical and qualitative analysis including analytical, geometric and numerical studies of stability, bifurcations, routes to chaos, pattern formation, coexistence of attractors, discontinuous dynamical systems, border collisions, sliding phenomena, synchronization, intermittency. Applications to physics, biology, engineering, social sciences, economics and finance, psychology, dynamic and evolutionary games and networks are also welcome.

Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Dynamical Systems specialty is found here.

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If you are interested in joining the board or submitting a paper to Dynamical Systems, please contact: mathematics.editorial.office@frontiersin.org.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Daisy Hessenberger, PhD

Journal Manager, Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

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