Frontiers in Medical Technology has launched

Frontiers in Medical Technology makes advances in medical technology research freely available through an open-access online platform.

Led by Professor Alicia El Haj one of the founding directors of the Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine at Keele University and is currently based at the healthcare technologies institute of the University of Birmingham, Frontiers in Medical Technology publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research in all major health technology disciplines — from pharmaceutical innovations to regulatory affairs.

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"A strong desire to help people suffering from disease and major conditions and a wish to ensue a legacy and impact of my research," says Prof El Haj in relation to her passion for exploring this field.

The new open-access journal includes five sections led by leading experts:

MedTech Data Analytics, led by Prof Yu-Dong Zhang of the University of Leicester

Nano-based Drug Delivery, led by Prof Gianfranco Pasut of the University of Padova

Cardiovascular MedTech, led by Prof Peter Edward McHugh of the National University of Ireland Galway

Regulatory Affairs, led by Prof Maarten Jacobus Postma of the University of Groningen

Pharmaceutical Innovation, led by Prof Miguel Castanho of the University of Lisbon

Frontiers in medical technology showcases innovative approaches to medical devices and technologies which ultimately will have an impact on patients across multiple clinical applications. Welcoming research from the scientific, regulatory and clinical communities. The journal aims to explore cutting-edge technologies that can build on successful science to make it even more powerful by paving the way to healthcare innovations of the future.

Frontiers journals also consistently rank among the world’s most-cited in their fields and in the top Impact Factor and CiteScore percentiles. Discover more