Aerospace Research Communications publishes first article with Frontiers

Aerospace Research Communications (ARC), the official journal of Zhejiang University Press (ZUP), has published its first article with its new gold open access publishing partner Frontiers.  

Image credit: Frontiers

ARC focuses on original research and review articles related to all fields of aerospace research, in both theory and practice. The scope of the journal is comprehensive, covering research achievements in flight vehicles, propulsion systems and experimental methods, including fluid mechanics, flight mechanics, solid mechanics, vehicle conceptual design, avionics, control, material engineering and mechanical manufacturing.  

The journal’s first article in partnership with Frontiers explores recent progress in the application of machine learning technology in the field  —  currently a hot topic in aerospace science and technology. 

ARC's editor in chief Yao Zheng said: "The publication of ARC’s first article marks the beginning of the journal's role as an important academic platform for international aerospace researchers' communication and collaboration. It is also a landmark event for ZUP's international publishing strategy as they co-operate on a publishing partnership with Frontiers for the first time. We look forward to continuing to work with Frontiers to develop ARC to become a leading journal in the field of aerospace research and the interdisciplinary aerospace field." 

One of the leading university presses in China, ZUP was established in 1984 and covers a diverse spectrum of subjects in natural sciences, engineering and technology, the humanities and social sciences, medicine and life sciences. 

Robyn Mugridge, head of publishing partnerships at Frontiers said: "We have been working with an expanding community of societies and institutions from across the world, including several landmark journals which launched with us in 2022. This includes Aerospace Research Communications, the official journal of Zhejiang University Press (ZJUP), which publishes cutting-edge research in the field of aerospace science and engineering. As our first collaboration in China, the partnership marks a major milestone for Frontiers and provides a strong foundation for the growth of our publishing partnerships program with key institutions in the country."   

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